Globe Theatre from the Thames River
Shakespeare Abroad:
Interweaving Old and New Worlds
(Second Half course for the Spring 2014 semester -- 6 credit hours)

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This 300-level course explores Shakespeare’s words and the Renaissance world that fostered them within interdisciplinary and international contexts. Through academic study at UNM and immersion in Shakespeare’s home culture in England (especially London and Stratford-upon-Avon), we will explore Shakespeare’s works within the historical, performance, and literary traditions of Renaissance society and study the many ways in which his works continue to be relevant cross-culturally. In addition to characterization, language, and themes, we will study the Bard’s works from interdisciplinary perspectives such as fine art, theatre and performance, architecture, political history, music, economics of entertainment, global and collective behavior theory. 

While in England, we will: see Shakespeare plays performed at the Globe Theatre in London and at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s theatre in Stratford-upon Avon; experience the plays as interpreted by cultures as distinct from Shakespeare’s as those of Belarus and India; research the cultural issues of Shakespeare’s time through excursions to British museums, churches, libraries, art galleries, and other historical sites; engage in hands-on learning about performance construction and text studies through tailor-made workshops led by the professional staff of the Globe Theatre; and investigate modern, global perspectives on Shakespeare’s plays. 

This will be a second 8-weeks course that begins after Spring Break, in order to allow students the opportunity to use their spring semester scholarship funding and financial aid. Student funding opportunities are available through a grant from McKinnon Foundation. The course will be held March 17-May 14, 2014, with intensive Field Study on location in London and Stratford-on-Avon, England, from May 19-28, 2014.

For more information, contact Dr. Juliette Cunico ( and Dr. Leslie Donovan (

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