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    The UNM Mountaineering Club strives to enable students to explore the outdoors through a variety of activities. We focus primarily on rock climbing, but also endorse mountaineering, skiing/snowboarding, ice climbing, mountain biking, and more. There are several ways that the club aims to help its members:
  • By providing training and trips.
  • By providing expensive equipment required for the above mentioned activities.
  • By subsidizing travel costs.
  • By providing a forum for like minded people to meet.
    Several trips every year will be focused on training. Club trainers will teach basic and advanced techniques. The majority of formal training that is offered is for rock climbing. Additional training has been offered in self-rescue, avalanche safety, and ski/snowboard tuning.

    Member dues and funds from ASUNM have allowed the club to collect an assortment of gear over the past few years. This website has a listing of said gear. Members are able to request the use of club gear via a simple form. Gear is loaned out on a first come first serve basis.

Travel and trips:
    The Mountaineering Club takes several trips throughout each semester. These trips can be broken down into two categories: official and unofficial. Official trips are organized by the club officers, and are typically designed to facilitate training. Members on official club trips may receive fuel and lodging reimbursements. Unofficial trips are organized at the grassroots level by members. Those who go on unofficial trips may receive reimbursement for fuel, provided that at least three club members are in each car and they adhere to the club and ASUNM policies.

    Meetings are held to allow members to communicate one-on-one with each other and the officers. Members are heavily encouraged to attend meetings, as they help the club to remain a strong community. Food is provided at the meetings and they tend to last about 45 minutes to a bit over an hour. Check the calendar or our home page for the next meeting.

    An email listserv helps members stay in touch between meetings. Unofficial trips, carpooling, and other announcements are sent through the listserv. Click here for instructions on subscribing to or unsubscribing from the listserv.

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