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Current Officers

Meet your officers for 2014 - 2015 !!!

Co-President: Ryann Carter

Ryann is a freshman at UNM majoring in Conservation Biology and minoring in Anthropology. She volunteered at Australia Zoo in Queensland after her junior year of high school, and she loves hiking, photography, watching crime shows and reading crime novels, and working with dogs. Ryann's interests include wildlife conservation, ethology, and evolutionary and forensic anthropology. Ryann is super excited to be leading BUGS this year, and all members are welcome to contact her about new ideas for getting involved and getting more UNM students interested in Biology!

Vice President: Holly Carlo

Holly is an exchange student and a junior at UNM and is majoring in Biology, her goal is to pursue a career in Dentistry. As Vice President, Holly aims to encourage more social events, volunteer opportunities and develop a more unified community among students in order to help students enhance their resumes as well as help support students through their studies at UNM. Holly is incredibly excited to be a part of the society this year and aims with the help of the fellow officers to make this the best year yet! If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas on anything involved with this society don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Fun Chair/Volunteer Chair: Aubie Knell

Aubriana “Aubie” Knell is a freshman at UNM and has declared dual degrees: one in biochemistry with a minor in honors and one in psychology with a minor in chemistry. She was born and raised in Albuquerque and loves playing soccer, petting all the dogs, and watching Criminal Minds. Aubie is in charge of organizing the volunteers for BUGS activities and arranging general group bonding activities. Get in touch with her or Holly if you have any ideas for hanging out or for volunteering!

Historian: Emily Johnson

Emily is currently a freshman at UNM and is majoring in Biology. She’s not sure what she wants to pursue as a career because she has many interest areas within biology. Emily volunteered at Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico for three years in high school, which was a great opportunity that allowed her to work hands on with animals. She likes reading, writing, biking, listening to music, and especially photography! As your historian, Emily hopes to capture how much fun we have in BUGS through the lens of her camera!

Co-President: Katie Austin

Katie Austin is currently a freshman at            UNM,  studying Biology. She is super                interested in Marine Biology and hopes to        get a graduate degree in the marine                sciences after graduating from UNM. She’s      fascinated (and slightly obsessed) with            sharks and hopes to one day work as a            research scientist studying Great Whites,        ideally in Australia. Katie loves Biology            and is looking forward to meeting a group of people who share that same love. 

Secretary: Amy Adams

Amy is a senior majoring in Conservation Biology and minoring in Sustainability Studies and Honors. She currently researches ecology, botany, and symbiotic relationships. During her spare time Amy watches movies, reads books, and photographs wildlife. Feel free to ask Amy any questions about BUGS points since she keeps track of them!

Communications: Courtney Chavez

Courtney is the Communications Director for the Biology Undergraduate Society. She is currently a Freshman at UNM studying Nursing, and she is from Albuquerque, NM. Courtney loves science, community service, and meeting new people- so basically, what BUGS is all about! As Communications Director, her primary focus is on keeping our members in the loop via social media. However, she also works with the rest of the officer team to get the word out about our program to potential new members! Courtney is very excited about the upcoming year and can't wait to see what we accomplish!

Treasurer: Devan Weaver

Devan is as well a Freshmen majoring in Biology. She is planning on going into genetics and doing research in said field(hopefully with diseases), but really any area of biology or any science she finds extremely interesting! She is quite good at math and very responsible so you can definitely trust her as your BUGS treasurer. Devan loves to meet new people, experience new things, and laugh (mostly at her own jokes). She also wrote this herself, and in third person, which is really weird. Nevertheless, she is ecstatic to be a part of BUGS and grateful she has the chance to experience it with all of you!

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