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Officers & Chairs

Meet your officers for 2012-13 

President: Yitong (Albert) Liu
Albert is a Senior at UNM studying Music and Biology. He uses his combined interest to work with the Japanese Giant Pandas, taming the beasts with soft melodies, and helping to stimulate their more, umm, population-enhancing activities!

Vice President: Michelle Sandoval
Michelle is a Junior double majoring in Biochemistry and Biology. She works in the Turner Lab here on campus, and studies the species Hybognathus amarus (Rio Grande Silvery Minnow) and will be applying to medical school this year. Besides being crazy about waterfalls, she loves hiking, singing, and reading. If you want to know anything about not having time for a life you know who to come to!

Treasurer: Sammi Kao
Sammi is a junior in the fall, and she is majoring in Biology with a minor in Asian Studies.  She plans on going to med school at UC San Francisco to become an oncologist. She is super passionate about three things in life: food, swimming, and Harry Potter.

Secretary: Amy Adams
Amy is a sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in Sustainability Studies. Her particular interests include botany, ecology, and pathology. Outside of school, you can catch Amy reading, hiking, or enjoying some Olo yogurt! Feel free to ask Amy any questions about BUGS points since she keeps track of them.

Communications: Ann Stevenson
Ann is a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Anthropology. Her research interests include genetics, microbiology, and she enjoys getting her feet wet (literally) in a little field work in the Caldera. When she’s not studying you can find her working in the anthropology genetic's lab. If you know about a cool science event, shoot her an email and she’ll spread the word.

Meet your chairs for 2012-13:

Community Service Chair:

Fun Chair:
Anna Jaramillo

Departmental Relations Chair:
Estrella Villicana

Fundraising Chair:
April Chavez

Pre-Graduate Mentoring Program (PGMP) Chair:
Kevin McCormick smccor19@unm.edu

Journal Club Chair:
Alex Waggener

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