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Future Officers

Elections are held in the Spring for the following school year. The following positions are available to BUGS members:

President or Co-President - oversees the organization, ensures annual club chartering and ASUNM representation, etc.
Vice President - assists the President(s) with management issues, organizes Chairs and events, etc.
Secretary - records meeting minutes and agendas, tracks member participation points, etc.
Treasurer - tracks all club revenues and expenditures, cosigns all vouchers and financial documents, etc.
Communications - creates official club correspondence, maintains the website and listserv, etc.

Departmental Relations - communicates with UNM staff and faculty on behalf of the club
Fun Coordinator - hosts regular entertainment events for members
Fundraising Coordinator - organizes fundraising events (e.g. bake sales, etc.)
Community Service - coordinates volunteer events (e.g. Zoo Boo, Hanging of the Greens, etc.)

Note: The preceding information is only a basic overview of each position. To request more information on what any specific requirements and responsibilities for a position are, please e-mail us!

The only prerequisite for campaigning is that you must be a BUGS member!