About Us

SPS is a student organization that is dedicated to creating a community of awareness, appreciation, and involvement in physics and in science in general.

UNLV SPS is a great opportunity to network with like-minded, and yet diverse, individuals who all share similar interests in physics. In addition, SPS can be a very useful stepping stone to finding a variety of resources that will aid you in the progression of your academic career, such as workshops dedicated to tutoring, scientific writing, and GRE preparation for both Physics and non-Physics majors.

Furthermore, SPS promotes undergraduate research opportunities within the Physics and Astronomy department by being the bridge between the faculty and the undergraduate students who demonstrate interest in learning outside of the classroom. SPS achieves this by bringing in faculty members to give presentations/talks to the students about their individual research interests and goals. These presentations act as an ice breaker between professors and students alike. Also, SPS members will be encouraged to give presentations of their own on personal research interests/projects in order to practice essential skills, such as public speaking, that will benefit any student.

Beyond being involved in the Physics department, SPS also remains active within the UNLV community as a whole. SPS is involved in campus events such as the annual Festival of Communities, Involvement Fair, and various educational outreach programs such as participating in high school science bowls. Meetings are conducted frequently and consist of various activities ranging from discussions to movie nights.

Society of Physics Students UNLV,
Jan 24, 2010, 10:02 PM