Just-in-Time Teaching

Just-in-time teaching is a method that enables the students to be engaged with the content prior to coming to class and thus allows the instructor to create a more active and meaningful learning environment in class.

It revolves around assignment that students are asked to submit a couple of hours before lecture. This leaves enough time for the instructor to analyze students' answers to the assignment, identify difficulties and adjust the lecture accordingly. This strategy works extremely well with peer instruction, the other scientific teaching practice targeted by our workshops.

You can find the workshop schedule and the book that we will use in the workshop below.

Here are some testimonies from past participants:

"I had not heard of JiTT before taking this course so I did not know what to expect. Even so, I expected any teaching strategy to require my time to implement and was pleased to realize I could modify/improve one of my current strategies to incorporate JiTT."

"The information from this and other teaching workshops provide good evidence for the active learning strategies. Getting specific suggestions on the mechanics of implementing JiTT was helpful."

"I learned new techniques, rationale behind the techniques and ways to improve my teaching, also learned a bit about peer instruction and other methods."

Workshop Schedule

Book for Workshop