The Scientific Teaching workshop series is a professional development program for faculty in STEM departments at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). The goal of this project is to enhance exemplary teaching in STEM courses at UNL by training faculty in scientific teaching. As of Fall 2014, 69 faculty from 22 different STEM departments on campus are participating in this professional development! 

Here are some testimonies from our past participants:

"The workshops have created a positive atmosphere toward teaching in the department. My class is more fun, less boring."

"Workshop provides hands on tools to implement teaching methods/practices that have been documented to improve student learning and will help the instructors ability to take some of these methods in their classroom."

"The workshop is an efficient way to learn about a new teaching strategy and to develop a community of faculty as a support group to share ideas with."

"The course was worth my time."

"I have learned something that I could use for my course right away."

"I learned more "techniques" than I anticipated, and I was happy to see that the recommendations were based on solid research focused on student learning outcomes."

"I enjoyed the focus on implementation, it helped give me the sense that I could achieve this in my classroom."

"It's easy and effective. What more do you need to know?"

The workshop series have now been integrated into a larger program supported by NSF, which intends to further transform instructional practices in STEM courses at UNL.