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Friday 25th July

2.0 Guide for first generation iPhones

The iPhone-Dev teams new tool is amazing and is just a safe if not safer than any jailbreaking/unlocking/activating tool there has been.  It works in the the same way as the old Pwnage tool and makes a customised firmware file which is then restored onto your iPhone.

The PwnageTool is fairly self explanatory.  To make your iPhone as legit as possible and not have the community installer or the baseband unlocked you will need to run in expert mode.  This lets you choose these options.

1. uncheck "neuter bootloader"

2. uncheck "cydia installer" in custom packages

3. uncheck the custom bootloader images

Good luck, I'm pretty sure you won't run into any problems.

If you do leave a comment in the forums or flick us an e-mail





Wednesday 9th July

How to downgrade from software 2.0 to 1.1.4 on a Mac  (Updated)

I had the problem with error 1604.  This error means the software wasn't restored at all.

This is what i did (I'm on mac).

Just a quick overview:

iTunes is made up of the actual program and the Apple mobile device support package.  iTunes 7.7.  To restore your iPhone to 1.1.4, you need to be running iTunes 7.5 with the iTunes 7.7 Apple mobile device support package.

1. Install iTunes 7.7 through Software Update.  This is very important as when you click "install and keep package" it will download and seperate the Apple mobile device support package.

2. Do a complete full restore to lastest 2.0 in iTunes 7.7

3. Use AppZapper to remove iTunes and install iTunes 7.5. (In AppZapper preferences you need to un-check box that says keep default applications safe)

4. Download and install iTunes 7.5 (If you get an error saying the iTunes file cannot be read, drag the iTunes folder in Music to your desktop for now)

5. Reinstall the Apple Mobile Support Package located in Downloads/iTunes/Packages

6. Connect your iPhone, do a DFU restore and you should get error 1015

7. Keeping iTunes OPEN with the iPhone connected in recovery mode, use ZiPhone to "restart in Normal Mode"

8. Jailbreak and unlock

Hopefully this will work for you.  If not don't worry too much because pwnage 2.0 is coming out in the next couple of days and it will work with iPhone that are bricked at 2.0 : )

If you get stuck email me a unlockmynziphone@gmail.com