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Site last updated Saturday 13th September 2008

Welcome to Unlock My NZ iPhone

Apple have just released software update 2.1.

Currently it is not safe for non-official customers to update as it requires you to reactivate.

Windows users can try their luck using the non-GUI version of quickpwn (over at quickpwn.com) to jailbreak and activate 2.1

The iPhone dev team should be releasing an official jailbreaking and activating tool soon.

Check out their status over at blog.iphone-dev.org


Pwnage 2.0 has been released! New 2.0 tutorial here

Thanks to the iPhone dev team, I now have a first generation iPhone running the 2.0 firmware on the vodafone NZ network.

The tool itself has a some small bugs, but when it works, the end result is perfect (t took me a few tries). The only problem I had when putting the 2.0 firmware onto my iPhone is the actual restore using iTunes.  I kept getting restore errors.  After a bit of tweaking I had 2.0 up and running in about 20 mins.

Now that vodafone NZ is the official carrier of the iPhone 3G, there is no need to unlock (modify the baseband) to run first gen iPhone's on the vodafone NZ network.  More about this in the 2.0 tutorial


Update: Pwnage 2.0 is going to be released but not for a couple of days. The Dev Team have been testing their new software on out of the box 3G iPhones.  You can watch a video of Pwnage 2.0 in action here.  Release Date: Sometime early next week!


The iTunes App Store in NZ

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 And here it is...

Over at the iPhone Dev Team's blog they have just released this screenshot what could be a true unlock for the final 2.0 firmware.  (Cydia is a better version of 'Installer'.  It sounds like they're going to be releasing their software any minute now

If you’re a bit lost on the whole iPhone scene click here for iPhone 101

A lot is happening in the iPhone news.  Vodafone has released its pricing plans for the iPhone 3G and have released that the iPhone 3G will not be available on prepay.

Buying the 8GB iPhone 3G on the cheapest plan is going to cost you $549 for the handset, but over $2000 all up when you add the monthly cost of $80 for 24 months!

But (some) good news...

Although they state that the iPhone 3G will not be available on prepay, the also state on the vodafone
NZ website that a 8GB handset only will cost $949 and 16GB handset will cost $1149.  This is still really expensive but means that the are possible to get hold of without signing up to a contract.

This is for a boxed iPhone 3G.  It will still be unactivated for use on any network and to use it, you will have to sign up for a plan through the iTunes store, or unlock and activate it yourself...

I am confident that the iPhone Dev team will bypass the iTunes activation and allow us to use the iPhone 3G on prepay.

Stay tuned!

We are not going to let Apple and vodafone make us go on-contract : )

PS  planning to make this site look a bit nicer once the iPhone 3G and things settle down a bit