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In today's media-rich world, to be truly college and career ready, our students need a strong understanding of Creative Commons, copyright, and fair use and how to apply these concepts within and beyond the school day. And teachers need a toolkit that clarifies their intellectual property rights and responsibilities.

Introduction to Creative Commons


Looking for some tips and resources for teaching students about Creative Commons? Check out:

This is a work in progress, driven by questions from teachers, students, and administrator questions. Please contact me with suggestions and/or additional questions and resources.

Some More Useful Resources for Learning about Creative Commons
Student Created Content for Teaching about Creative Commons & Copyright
  • Copyright CC License Project - From Jim Bentley's 5th graders, a great example of students teaching students (and teachers) about CC licenses:

A Student-Created Review of Creative Commons Licenses

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Introduction to Copyright & Fair Use

Background Information


Reasoning Tools


Copyright-Friendly Resources

Tools for Filmmakers
Remix Playlist