What training I can give you:
  • Weight Lose Training Session (resistance/cardio)
A mixture of cardio and resistance exercises which will help you reach your target goal, whether it be losing weight, toning up or building muscle. Each program is specific to your needs, there is NO template - each programme is unique to you and your goals. 
  • High Intensity Training Program (3 sessions for 5 weeks):
This consists of 3 sessions per week made up of a mixture of cardio, resistance and plyometric training with a rigorous diet plan. The sessions will be done at high intensities (80-95% maximal effort) to burn more fat and lose weight quicker. The   diet plan will be constructed specifically for you to boost your weight loss results.

  • Core Specific Sessions:
A series of 30 minute workout sessions which is focused on your core. This will give more muscle strength in your lower back and stomach to improve posture and power in the core muscles.  
  • Diet/Nutrition Plans:
I will analyse your complete weekly food and calorie intake and make recommendations on changes you should make to support your fitness goals. Designed specifically to your needs, I will create a diet plan for you to follow (including a food diary for you to fill in) to ensure you are consuming the correct amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates and maintaining good levels of hydration .
  • Skin Fold Measurements (2 sessions):
Skin measurements are taken all over the body along with measuring waist and hips to find out where the main area of fat is. This can be useful as it can show you what areas that may need focusing on more to reach you goals. The first session involves taking the various measurements and the second consists of a discussion of the results and what to work on.
  • Cardio Sessions:
PURE cardio training, it is NOT just running in a straight-line, each session will be tailored to the distance that you aim to run and can involve fartlek (mixed speed), continuous and sprint training. If you have an event coming up we can help you train and prepare for it. 

How long are the sessions?                                                         
  • Hour Long Sessions
  • 30 minute core specific
  • Cardio session vary
Where will you train?


At Unlock Fitness we can train you anywhere you want at anytime. We have flexible hours and as long as you are not too far away we can come to you.

I am based in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.