"Unlock fitness helped me to get into shape by creating a tailored programme that suited my needs. 
    We discussed at length the goals that I wanted to achieve and then I was given a training regime 
    which also included dietary advice. I was shown the proper technique for all my exercises and
    after a few weeks I was already noticing positive changes in the way I looked and felt.
    The sessions were challenging and fun, and there was always some new exercises added 
    in each session which kept it interesting," 

        Gordon Bruce, PhD Pharmacy Student

     "Jonny really helped me out in the sessions we had. He gave me a challenging workout regime,
      he's motivational and very flexible in terms of what day and what time the session were.
      Thanks Jonny"

        Elliot Lawrence, Student

   " I’ve been training with Jonny for just over a year and I never not looked forward to a session. Jonny is a great 

    personal trainer, encouraging and motivating. Initially Jonny helped me get fit for a ski holiday (which turned 

    out to be my most fun and least painful ski holiday ever!) but Ive stayed because I love our sessions, and being 

    1:1 it’s a very focussed . I’ve never been injured and I think that’s because Jonny is watching and correcting the 

    whole time. I am far, far fitter than I was one year ago, and certainly better toned. The flexibility of a personal trainer

    suits my life style perfectly, even in the busiest of weeks there is always time to train".

        Alex West, GSK

  "I train with Jonny twice a week and have been doing so for the past month and a half now. I find Jonny to be very               professional and motivational as well as having a friendly and supportive approach to my training. Even though the              session are tough but enjoyable , I am always left with feeling good energetic.

Best thing for me is that friends and family have noticed I am losing weight as well as toning at the same time."


"I have attended Boot Camp for over two years; I have found it the best form of exercise for myself. Jonny is very professional. We do a wide range of exercises that still after two years makes my body ache! Every session is different, Jonny makes us work hard, however Boot Camp has a fun and competitive atmosphere. Boot Camp runs all year only when it rains is it cancelled. Jonny’s Boot Camp has made me change they way I feel about exercising! I now enjoy it."

Rachel Llewellyn.

"Following successful treatment for a chronic back condition with a physiotherapist, my challenge was how to maintain strengthened core and back muscles.
I chose Jonny Bruce because he not only has an excellent understanding of well physiology as a personal trainer, but was keen to find a way to help me. He understood the challenges of having an underlying pathophysiology and the need to work within safe range limitations, to prevent further injury.
Jonny has been dedicated to helping me achieve this goal, even coming with me to meet my physiotherapist in London and then creatively adapting exercises to devise a unique programme of exercises to use at home sessions.
What I like about Jonny is that he makes each session varied and interesting. He is always professional in his approach, he is quick to build rapport and trust and has a good sense of humour.
I am thrilled that even in just 6 sessions my strength and mobility has greatly improved.
I am delighted to highly recommend Jonny as someone who genuinely enjoys helping you to achieve your goal however big or small."