Welcome to Unlock Fitness

Do you want to get fitter, feel more energetic, look better, build up your confidence and get back to the way you used to look? Contact me (Jonathan Bruce) today and I can help you UNLOCK the RESULTS YOU WANT.

My job is to help you to achieve the goals that we set together. As a qualified personal trainer I can give you the specific training programs which are tailored to your needs.

I have many years of experience in the fitness industry having worked in a number of gyms over the last 5 years. I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports and Exercise Science and a Diploma in Personal Training.

I can TRAIN you at in a local park or at your HOMEAll you need to do is name the time and the place you want to workout.

I will tailor workouts to your sporting or health and fitness needs. If you compete or play a certain sport, have a special event (weddings) I will help you to train to your highest potential and reach your goals.

Why Unlock Fitness?

During your sessions I will push and motivate you to UNLOCK the NEW YOU.

Diet plans can be designed and added in to your exercise plans for when you are not working out with me.

When most people go to the gym they spend about 1hr 30mins working out at 50-65% effort and they go home feeling exactly the same as when they arrived.

At Unlock Fitness I will spend 1 hour with you working at 80-95% effort,  this will give you results you want in a shorter time and ensure you feel like you have accomplished something at the end of your session. 

Click here to sign up with me, feel the difference and UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL. 

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Gerrards Cross Boot Camps and Circuits:
On NOW, call for more details: 07780503631
9-10am*              Tuesday
9.30-10.30am*  Friday
6-7pm  Friday
 *these circuits will be on if there is enough interest. Please email or call me to let me know if you are interested.