UNL Mathematical Biology seminar schedule, Fall 2011

Thursdays at 2:30-3:20pm  in Avery 112

Spring semester 2012

Date            Speaker                                                                    Title

Jan 26    Olgute Buse, IUPUI                      Existence of cycles in the repressilator

Feb 2 Ben Webb, BYU                        
Consolidating Information in Dynamical Networks

Feb 23 No seminar

March 8 Sara Reynolds, UNL            
When can a single-species, density-dependent model capture the dynamics of a consumer-resource system?

March 15 Eric Eager, UNL                     Global Stability of Plant - Seed Bank Model

March 22 No seminar

April 19    Reinhard Laubenbacher, VBI           Cancer Systems Biology
April 20  Reinhard Laubenbacher          Algebraic models in systems biology (Math Colloquium talk)

April 26 Tomas Gedeon Structure of the afferent terminals in terminal ganglion of a cricket and persistent homology
Abstract: We use topological data analysis to investigate the three dimensional spatial structure of the locus of afferent neuron terminals in crickets Acheta domesticus. Each afferent neuron innervates a filiform hair positioned on a cercus: a protruding appendage at the rear of the animal. The hairs transduce air motion to the neuron signal that is used by a cricket to respond to the environment. We stratify the hairs (and the corresponding afferent terminals) into classes depending on hair length, along with position. Our analysis uncovers significant structure in the relative position of these terminal classes and suggests the functional relevance of this structure. Our method is very robust to the presence of significant experimental and developmental noise. It can be used to analyze a wide range of other point cloud data sets.

Fall semester 2011

Sept 1      Eric Eager, UNL                                   A Stochastic Population Model for Disturbance Specialists

Sept 8      Glenn Ledder, UNL                               A Mechanistic Model That Predicts Masting

Sept 15 Brett Grieb, Alex Estes, Bo Deng, UNL    Dimorphism of Male Wolf Spiders by Spatially Mediated Natural and Sexual Selections

Sept 22    Alan Veliz-Cuba, UNL                        On the relationship of steady states of continuous and discrete models in systems biology 

Sept 29    No seminar

Oct 6       Shivani Jadeja, UNL                          Influence of disperser behavior on invasive plant

Oct 13     Brandilyn Stigler                             Comparing biological and mathematical approaches to modeling tissue development in C. elegans.
   Southern Methodist University        
AMS Sectional Meeting (Oct 14-16).             Special Session on Discrete Methods and Models in Biomathematics

Oct 20      Carina Curto, UNL                         Using distance geometry to encode memory patterns in neuronal networks

Oct 27      No seminar

Nov 3                                                 

Nov 10      Haridas Chirakkal, UNL                 Response of Population Size vs. Population Growth Rate to Changing Vital Rates in Random Environments

Dec 1        

Dec 8        Dorea Vierling-Claassen         Math, Light & Neurons: combined computational and optogenetic techniques to deconstruct brain rhythms
                 Brown University                

Spring semester 2011

Jan 13 RUTE presentations                                    GREGARINE PARASITE INFECTIONS IN DAMSELFLY HOSTS

Jan 20 no seminar

Jan 27    Steve Dunbar, UNL                                 Finding between-genome relationships with linear optimization

Feb 3 Jim Rogers, UNO                                     Mathematical Approaches to Breast Cancer-- Large Scale Modeling and Analysis of the Human Mammary Epithelial Cell.

Feb 10 Robb Todd, UNO                                            Stochastic Processes in Boolean Networks

Feb 18 (Friday!) Dora Matache, UNO
                           On the sensitivity to noise of a Boolean function
2:30pm, Avery 109

Feb 24    Natalie West, UNL                                Apical dominance affects plant tolerance for insect herbivory

Mar 10 Vladimir Itskov, UNL                                        Relating structure to function of recurrent networks

Mar 17 Eileen Hebets, UNL                                          
The potential for temporally variable sexual selection in a polymorphic wolf spider

Mar 24 no seminar, Spring Break

Mar 31 Eric Eager, UNL                                                  An Introduction to Stochastic Integral Projection Models

April 7    Richard Rebarber, UNL                                        Global Stability Results for Plant Models

April 14 Sara Reynolds, UNL                                        TBA

April 21
Trevor Hefley, UNL (Statistics & Natural Resources)        Leading Indicators of Transcritical Bifurcations

April 28    Georgi Medvedev, Drexel University                

Fall semester 2010

Sept 2     Alan Veliz-Cuba,   UNL, Math                          

Sept 9     Haridas Chirakkal, UNL, SBS                           Elasticities in Stochastic Population models: Theory and Applications

Sept 16  Eric Eager,            UNL, Math                          The importance of the function used to model seedling recruitment in transient dynamics: A case study with Platte thistle

Sept 23    Glenn Ledder,       
UNL, Math                        
A Mathematical Model to Explain Masting Behavior in Perennial Plants

Sept 30    Bo Deng,                UNL, Math                

Oct 14    
Rodica Curtu          U. Iowa, Math                    

Oct 21    Carina Curto UNL, Math                            Sequence generation via symmetry breaking and adaptation in a recurrent network

Oct 28    
Chi Zhang,              

Nov 11    no seminar

Nov 18    

Nov 25   --- Thanksgiving -- no seminar

Dec 2nd  
Ben Nolting             UNL, Math                        Random Search Strategies and Optimal Foraging Theory: Bridging the Gap

Dec 9th    Natalie West          SBS, UNL