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Movie Title :My Bloody Valentine

On Valentine's Day 20 years before, an explosion of methane gas took the lives of a group of coal miners working in the Hanniger Mine near the small Nova Socia town of Valentine Bluffs. The accident occurred because supervisors left their posts to attend the annual Valentine's Day dance. A year afterward, Harry Warden the only survivor of the accident retaliated by killing the two supervisors, and leaving a terrifying warning never to hold another Valentine's Day dance. Now, a group of young adults decides to hold another dance, despite warnings. When a bloodsoaked heart arrives at the police station, accompanied by an ominous message, the dance is canceled. But a Valentine party is held in its place... at the coal mine, and it isn't long before the town's young people begin dying violently. It appears Harry Warden has returned to punish those who did not heed his warning...

Movie Year : 1981

Movie Genres : Drama Horror Thriller

ImdbRating : 5.30

Harry's out to steal your heart. There's more than one way to lose your heart... Valentine's Day will never be the same again...

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Movie Actors : Paul Kelman:Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger Lori Hallier:Sarah Neil Affleck:Axel Palmer Keith Knight:Hollis Alf Humphreys:Howard Landers Cynthia Dale:Patty Helene Udy:Sylvia Rob Stein:John Thomas Kovacs:Mike Stavinski (as Tom Kovacs) Terry Waterland:Harriet Carl Marotte:Dave Jim Murchison:Tommy Whitcomb Gina Dick:Gretchen Peter Cowper:The Miner & Harry Warden Don Francks:Chief Jake Newby Patricia Hamilton:Mabel Osborne Larry Reynolds:Mayor Hanniger Jack Van Evera:Happy Jeff Banks:Young Axel Pat Hemingway:Woman

Movie Directors : George Mihalka

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