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Movie Title :Meteor Apocalypse

While flying Crichton's ship near a sun with high flare activity, John and Aeryn narrowly avoid getting sucked into an unstable wormhole. In an attempt to save his damaged ship, he sets down on the desert planet below to see a repairman. She informs him that the solar activity he needs to open another wormhole should be dying down before his ship can be repaired, but they reoccur regularly. If he cannot get his ship repaired and back up in orbit by the time the flares die down, Crichton will be unable to get home for another 5 years.

Movie Year : 2010

Movie Genres : Adventure Sci-Fi

ImdbRating : 3.30

A gigantic meteors enters Earth's orbit and begins to disintegrate, showering the entire planet with debris.

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Movie Actors : Joe Lando:David Dematti Claudia Christian:Kate Dematti Cooper Harris:Lynn Leigh Madison McLaughlin:Alison DeMatti T.J. Lepage:Mark Micho Rutare:President Jon Gale:National Security Advisor / Peter Abby Leigh:Stratcom Washington Ben Daniels:Stratcom North Atlantic Darrell Philip:Stratcom Wyoming Gabrial Bresler:Young Commander Alice M. Brinkman:Bible Study Friend #1 Janice McLaughlin:Bible Study Friend #2 Brendan Bradley:Curtis Langley Courtney Johnson:Guard Jonathan Alfaro:Guard Jan-Michael Cortes:Guard Christopher Fonseca:Guard Edmond Choi:Guard Robert Puga:Guard

Movie Directors : Micho Rutare

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