Unknoen's Pixel Art

Homg there is art on this webpagesite isn't that weird!?!? 

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This hyar be a place of pixel art and bases (and KiSS dolls sometimes BD)  The only real reason it exists is because I'm kinda worried that deviantart will ban me if I keep posting the traced bases there...

I dunno if that will actually happen at some point or I'm just being paranoid, but hey, best to be prepared.

No longer the case as deviantart is apparently cool with traced bases now!  I'll probably stick the old ones back up there sometime soon since I'm sure people prefer getting them from there.



Edited the rules for the bases and that thing up there ^^^


  • Remembered this site exists!
  • Fixed up the Bases page so you can actually see the bases and not just a very exciting list of numbers!
  • Added an old scrap base that I found hidden in the depths of my hard drives!


 A new base!  Very simple, though.


I totally forgot to mention that KiSS had been updated, so I shall do so now.  XD

I might not be posting anything new for a bit as DCOM101 and CINS101 are taking up a bunch of my time now... x_X;; 


 All but Dolls and KiSS have stuff in them, site is up! 


Site exists now! 8D