It takes me a while to make these so don't be surprised if I go a few months without putting any new ones up! 

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Bases!  You can use them for pixel art (or dolls or whatever you want to call them. XD) or KiSS (Otakuworld and the KiSS Café can explain what those are better that I can XD) or whatever else you can think of. 

A few rules, though:

1. You don't have to give credit for these bases, since most of them are traced.  Don't claim they're your own, though!
But, it's the polite thing to link back to either this site, or
(I mean, don't you hate it when you see something on a base you really like, but can't find a link to it?)

2. No money should be involved with these bases!  No real money, at least.  That means, don't sell dolls made on these bases!  Don't pay people for dolls made on these bases!
Money in virtual economies (forum currency and the like) is okay, though, only if there is no way (within the rules) to convert that currency into real money.  That means places like Gaia are fine, but ones like IMVU are not!

These bases here are either bases with less colors used in the shading than those above, or have none at all!  They can be considered sorta 'scrap bases'.