A public domain work is a creative work that is not protected by copyright and 
which may be freely used by everyone. 

as of march 5th, 2011, all creative work, including all intellectual property, by the artist known as unkle nancy, a.k.a. joey stewart, exists in the public domain, and is not available for private ownership.

perhaps it is the result of my brains flawed developing, but the idea of my music being privately owned nauseates me. i have indeed, had several conversations with representatives of such private owners of art. i did, find my self tempted to allow these smooth talking snakes to play there game, in the hopes they could help get my music out to more people. as an underground “unsigned” artist, in these modern Internet driven times, its hard to imagine any commercial success at all in the music industry, Major label or indie, the times for monetizing copies of things is over. the tools have been democratized. so it seems to me, time to put the music industry out of it’s misery, so to speak, and put an end to its life, rather than watch it slowly and painfully die. 
i believe, in our future, the 20th century will be known as the peak of a “write only” culture, in which the idea of treating ideas and works of art as a commodity was encouraged and romanticized , and that the 21st century will be remember for our giant leaps in freedom of speech, art, and ideas, and becoming a “read/write” culture. now, is the time act on new revolutionary ideas, because the infrastruction for our civilization is crumbling world wide. 
i believe if all art was freely made and used and distributed the world would be a better place. that is why from this point on, all unkle Nancy music is in the public domain. and any creative work i have made, or ever will, is to be publicly owned, world wide. if some one wants to, sample my work, play it, copy it, remix, use it in a game or movie, or anything else, i dont want them to have to ask permission or spend money. i want my music to live freely with out limitations. with no threat of laws getting in the way of its movement. 
but my actions will not stop at simply making an announcement. i will be making alot of noise and making sure that it is known, that i am doing something that no other artist has ever done. i will now, devote the rest of my musical career, as an activist for the public domain, and open source creative arts.
i believe the concept of copyright is outdated and counter productive to the positive direction we as a people are going.

ok........ enough of that rant, i want to talk to you about how you can help...............
spread it, and use it. all unkle nancy music is completely royalty free, and there is alot, and it is diverse. so if you are a content creator, or you know one, spread the word that unkle nancy is public domain. if your a musician, you can record your own versions of my songs and make any changes you want, as if it was yours, because you own it. copy it and share it. you are not required to give me credit. i hope you do, and if you do, just say, written by unkle nancy and is public domain..............
my new slogan is “unkle nancy is public domain” and i am asking that supporters of my decision to go this rout, post the slogan “unkle nancy is public domain” to there face book and twitter and such on march 5th and 6th. so please lets celebrate. let the unkle nancy marathon begin. and if some one asks "hey whats that?" tell em unkle nancy is public domain. 
if you have any questions please ask either email me at darklandaudio@gmail.com or call me @             (503) 389-0476      

thanks for reading,
unkle nancy is public domain.
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