Registration Form



Can be downloaded  HERE.


Written Papers should:

(1) Be supervised by a professor,

(2) Be 6 to 12 pages in length (between 2500 and 7000 words),

(3) be delivered orally at the UNIV Forum in 10-12 minutes,

(4)     Be sent to along with a completed registration form. The deadline is 15 days before the Forum takes place. Please send the registration form and the paper both in “.pdf” and “.docx”/“.doc”/“.odt”/“.rtf” format. If you will use PowerPoint, please send also the file.

(5)     Language: Presentations may be written in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German oR Portuguese. The oral presentation (and the PowerPoint) should be in English. (While there might be some rooms available for oral presentations in Spanish, we strongly recommend the use of English so that presentations may be attended by students from a greater variety of countries).

(6)     Guidelines: please visit this webpage



All presentations will be evaluated by the UNIV Forum Scientific Committee.  A variety of awards will be granted to the best presentations and some will also be published on the web in UNIV Forum Presentations, a PDF book.  UNIV Forum Presentations will have a permanent link, for convenient reference in your cv. The 2010 book can be downloaded here (magazine format) and here (individual chapters).


The Committee principally evaluates the projects as attempts by undergraduate students to confront the dilemmas and problems in the world in which they live, but it will also judge them according to the standards and methods of academic research.

Some especially valued points are:

1.        Formal Aspects: style and correctness, method, presentation quality, etc.

2.        Content: strength of argument, relevance and value, originality of topic, etc.

3.        Proposed solutions: coherence between the conclusions reached, the objectives proposed, and the method used; a positive tone; practical proposals for solving the problem or problems discussed, etc.

Every participant will receive a certificate testifying to their attendance and specific contribution to the Forum. 



Prof. José María Torralba. Universidad de Navarra. 31080 Pamplona (Spain).