Wellness Guidelines

School Snack and Party, Event, Fundraiser Guidelines

In accordance with the Denver Public School District Wellness Policy, University Park Elementary School has implemented guidelines to ensure nutritious foods and beverages at school. These healthy guidelines apply to school-sponsored events and fund-raisers, snacks and classroom parties. Foods and beverages should be nutrient-dense such as fruits, vegetables and cheese. The DPS wellness policy encourages healthy eating and physical activity in order to help students learn better. Quite simply, emphasizing good nutrition and wellness in general is good for our kids. (For more information about the DPS wellness policy and procedures, please visit http://foodservices.dpsk12.org/nutrition.)

At University Park, we offer the following guidelines regarding foods intended for snacks, or foods to be shared at parties, celebrations, and school functions:

Snacks: We encourage fresh fruits and vegetables for our students. This simplifies snack time for kids, parents and teachers and promotes healthy lifelong snacking habits.  If your child has special needs for snacks, please speak with his or her teacher.         

Birthday Celebrations:  University Park has a non-food birthday celebration policy. If your child would like to give a small item to fellow students, please consider sending in cards, stickers, poems, erasers, pencils or flowers.  Some students donate a book to our permanent library.  These are just a few ways we celebrate birthdays at University Park.  Please save special food treats for celebrations at home.  When planning your child’s celebration, please speak with his or her teacher.            


Classroom Parties University Park encourages celebrations that are based on healthy foods. We want to send the message that we care about our children's health! We ask that the school community members provide foods and beverages that benefit our students’ ability to learn and their overall well-being. Consider providing a fruit tray with yogurt dip for parties or vegetable or cheese trays along with other nutrient dense foods and sweets in moderation.  Please speak with room parent or teacher when bringing in foods to be shared.


Classroom Rewards  Rewarding students with food is discouraged.  The PTA supports teachers and students by providing teachers with non-food rewards.         


School Functions: University Park aims to include healthy offerings at school functions.  Please support the student body (and their student bodies!) by bringing nutritious foods and beverages to school functions and events.


Fund-raisers: Food items sold on campus must meet the minimum standards of the DPS Wellness Policy.


For more questions or information:  visit the DPS Website, http://www.dpsk12.org/.
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