Developing Academic Standards of Higher Education

in Kurdistan Region:

Teaching Quality Assurance

The Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research


   "Kurdistan region universities and institutes are comprised of diverse groups of students, academics, scientists and staff who, taken together, are responsible for offering a high standard of education in every field of higher education.

   Teaching quality assurance plays a major role in achieving the high standard of education that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan region endeavours to achieve through its universities and institutes. The specific activities that the Ministry’s Teaching Quality Assurance Program focuses on are designed to reach several goals that include the following:

1.     In still confidence in the value of the certificates awarded to students by the universities and institutes of the Kurdistan Region;

2.     Assure the public that the quality of education and lectures offered by our universities and institutes are up to par and on a level of those offered by international universities;

3.      Support students during taking their courses of study;

4.     Writing reports, reviewing, following up, observing, filing, decision-making, and sometimes examining the lecture contents and methodology.

   The Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) program involves highlighting both the weaknesses and strengths of all aspects of the work of the university: administration, teaching and learning. Based on input, training, and outcomes, a high standard of education can be achieved and maintained through this viable and proven TQA program".

    Quality in higher education is a multi-dimensional concept which should embrace all its functions and activates: teaching and academic programs, research and scholarship, infrastructure, services the community and the academic environment. Therefore Quality assurance is the systematic review of educational programs to ensure and maintain the acceptable   standards of education.


The Quality Assurance Message

   The message of the quality assurance program as quoted from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) is:

1.      To assure students of the academic standards offered within the universities and institutes of the Kurdistan Region.

2.      To create an environment in which members of society believe in the education, learning, and research processes of the higher education system in the Kurdistan Region.

3.     Helping the Higher Education system in Kurdistan to attain a high standard and developing them in away so that they reach the standards of excellence for which international universities are renowned will bring renewed hope and confidence in the universities and institutes of the Kurdistan Region.

4.     Graduates will be proud to graduate with degrees from regional universities and institutes because they know that they have achieved the same quality as competitive universities elsewhere in the world.

 Quality Assurance directorate at University of Zakho 

    The Directorate of  Teaching Quality Assurance at university of Zakho was established  in 5-01-2010 by the university official order No. 75 based on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Act No.458 in 18-08-2009 under the supervision of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies.

  University of Zakho include 3 faculties and 2 colleges :

a) Faculty of Science

b) Faculty of Humanities

c) Faculty of Education

d) College of Engineering

e) College of Administration and Economics

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