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IT Leadership Team

As part of our Edu-Futures Initiative; The University of Toliara has developed an Information Technology Leadership Team to guide the growth and integration of IT access at UoT.

We meet every Friday at 10am; at Bo Beach Restaraunt to discuss the future of information technology at UoT; and provide direct training to our members in the use of Google Products to create a dynamic web-presence for our academic community!

Our Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance and Development of UoT Website; and Departmental Websites
  • Maintenance and Development of UoT- Scorecard for IT Development
  • Communication and Advocacy for IT Development
We welcome members from across the UoT Community; and strive to have every Department and Institution represented.

Our Current Team Members:

Laza Andrainy 
MSc Candidate

Dovick Alexis Rafanomezantsoa
Faculty of Education
PhD Candidate

Dustin Eirdosh
Asst. Prof. Social & Evolutionary Neuropsychology