Adele's ReAnimation and Triangle Script Discussions

Dear Para,  There were some remarkable doings last night.  Please see my report below.


Harper McCloud

Professor, University of Puddleby

New Healer Capability! New Information! The Rescue of A Curious Dwarf and the Reward that Followed

Soldi, day 17 of Summer, 597

I was witness to acts last night, acts of kindness and courage on the part of the Pirates so profound that it makes me question our assumptions of them.  Are these evil beings who invaded the village of the Ensconcement that the Sky Mystic Whirl wind discovered and now hold it as their own?  Or have they become unintentional Guardians of those dangerous lands?

The word went out by sunstone and shout that a brave and curious dwarven woman named Adele had fallen in the lands north of the Ensconcement Village, the place that the Pirates now call Piratesconcin, (but which I will always think of as Whirl wind’s Landing and Duri the dwarf calls Duri’s Digs.)

It was a battle of strength and wit and will and teamwork, drawing weapons and moonstones and mystics from all across the lands.  The Pirates cried “Save Adele!” and Puddleby, as always, responded.  They jumped from Cloud into snells north of the village, running frantically to the safety of their friends, some succeeding, most falling to the claws and teeth and earthquakes of the vicious denizens of the ‘Sconce. 

Hours passed, night became day, and still the battle raged.  Many of the land's strongest fighters, healers, and mystics banded together, but still the beasts came, fierce predators of the Ensconcement.  Singly and in waves we fell, but were rallied again by the Pirate Captain Stinkfist. 

Finally the intrepid band broke through to the body of Adele, fallen between the mysterious pillars that mark the entrance to the strange building in the North of the Enconcement.  What follows below is the best information I have.  Sometimes I was called away to heal, critical notes were missed.  I beg those who had the wisdom to take notes to add the missing pieces.  Daimoth yelled "Stay vigilant"  when most of us, myself included I am embarrassed to say, rushed to meet this fallen stranger in the strange land.

What follows below might be spoilers to some.  But the beings of Puddleby need to know about a new ability enabled this night.  It can save lives, it may make all of the difference in the battles ahead.  We learned new information about Ancient Machines and other machines.  We found old exiles who had been lost for too long (Maybe).  And we learned that we may have Dug Too Deep, Gone Too Far, Disturbed Things That Should Have Been Left Alone.

But Adele shared with us a new way of healing.  It may not last long!  For those of you who wish to know more, please see below (Please Note that hours of witty dialog, fascinating insights, merry jests, and brilliant repartee was ruthlessly eliminated in the interest of time.  Also, I rearranged things because we had many different excited conversations occurring simultaneously so it was hard to figure out which answers were associated with which questions.) ...

Respectfully submitted,

Professor Harper McCloud


Notes from the Rescue of the Curious Dwarf Adele, holder of a Moon Manual, fixer of Ancient Machines

BLUE = Things of interest to Healers

PURPLE = Things of interest to Mystics and Scholars

Whirl wind yells, "Adele?"
Harper yells, "Adele"
Stinkfist yells, "girdle"
Adele exclaims, "My!"

Daimoth says, "You can rez her after these" … but few listened, so excited were we about finding Adele.
Adele is no longer fallen.

Stinkfist says, "hello little one"
Adele exclaims, "I haven't seen so many people in a while!"
(Harper smiles warmly)

Whirl wind thinks to you, "Moon manual."  (I examined Adele and in her hand she was holding an axe and … A moon manual! She was wearing a sunstone)

Raul says, "hello"
Adele says, "And what a colorful assortment of specimens."
Whirl wind says, "We arranged a task force."
(Whirl wind smiles warmly)

Adele says, "Sayyyy”
(Adele stares at Harper's Asklepian.)
Adele asks, "You know how to use that, do you?"
Harper says, "I try Adele"
Harper asks, "Do you have a better way to use it?"

Adele says, "Well..."

(Adele takes out her Asklepian.)
Harper says, "You have one as well."
Adele says, "I can't get the damn thing to work"
(Adele shakes it.)
Adele says, "Arkham had some luck though. I'm more of a machinist."
Whirl wind asks, "Who's Arkham?"

Harper asks Adele, "Would you like to trade for mine?"

While monsters raged around our intrepid fighters and healers, many of whom were ignoring them to talk with Adele, Daimoth says, "As much as you want to talk to the gnome we can't if we're dead, so let's heal"
Adele says, "Oh he's a bossy little twat."
Harper says, "aye"
Stinkfist says, "we should escort ya ta safety before King Manther gets back"

(Adele inspects the obelisk.)

Stinkfist says, "we can talk at length once done with some inspections"

Adele says, "Back there? No no, I have work to do. You can go, you can go."

Harper asks, "What do you see in that?" (Adele was inspecting the obelisk)
Adele says, "Well on second thought."
Adele says, "If you could stay a while longer..."
Stinkfist says, "we can"

(Harper glances at Adele's Moon Manual)
Harper says, "You have an interesting book, Adele"
(Adele investigates the rubble.)
Harper asks, "Adele, would you mind telling us about your book?"
Adele asks, "Oh, this?"
Harper says, "aye"
(Adele carelessly waves the moon manual around.)
Adele says, "Mostly just triangles. But I think I've got a few things figured out."
Whirl wind asks, "Oh?"

Daimoth says, "She needs to inspect the obelisks though"
(At this point Daimoth and other wise fighters and healers and mystics established a zu barrier and organized a group to remain vigilant against the dangers of the Sconce, while the rest of us shamelessly focused on Adele.  Praise those who sacrificed their experience of Adele to enable the rest of us to indulge).

Whirl wind asks, "You've seen the triangles?"
Adele says, "This one is about that stick of yours."
Harper asks, "It is?"
Adele says, "Aye, near as I can tell."

Harper says, "We might have a few triangles figured out as well"
Raul says, "more triangles huh"

Harper asks, "This obelisk?"
(Adele bangs on the obelisk.)
(Harper peers at the obelisk)
Adele says, "Well, this is just a... conduit? I think..."
(Naferu ponders)
Adele says, "Not sure. The real stuffs down below."
Harper asks, "The different obelisks tell us about different things?"
Adele says, "All sorts of gizmos...all broken."

Harper asks, "in the temple?"
Mirabel says, "below..."
Whirl wind says, "Thats what we noticed."
Stinkfist says, "yar"

Harper asks, "Lov'sya can you open the temple?"
Adele asks, "Temple?"
PureHero says, "in the illusion chamber"
Harper says, "Machine room perhaps"
Whirl wind says, "Theres one right near here."
Harper says, "we can show you"
Adele asks, "Where?"
Stinkfist says, "here"
(Adele pushes and shoves.)
(Stinkfist points)
PureHero says, "in here"
Adele says, "These are just rocks."
Harper says, "there is an illusion that protects it"
Adele says, "Look here, I'd know an illusion when I saw it."

Daimoth yells, "We have like one healer here" (I realized that I had not been paying attention to helping keep the fighters alive as should have been my highest priority. At this point, I left Adele and so lost track of the information.)

When I returned … Adele knocks on the rubble.)
Adele says, "Seems solid to me."

Things became chaotic after that.
Cecil yells, "boss"
Stinkfist yells, "manther king"
Whirl wind says, "Guys lets focus on the threat"
Adele says, "Ain't ever seen an illusion you could touch."
Harper says, "me neither"
Daimoth yells, "Where are the healers"
(We were riveted to Adele's words)

Mirabel yells, "what's the plan?"
Adele asks, "Was that my furry friend?"
Stinkfist says, "protect the area while Adele and mystics investigate"
Fiona yells, "you killed the Mountainess now what are you going to do?"
10/3/14 10:23:54p Stinkfist says, "not sure"

(Adele pokes the obelisk.)
Amazingly I received the following message “You learn from heroism.”  It should have been “You learn from the heroism of others.”  because I had come to the fight later than I should have.

(Adele looks through the rubble.)
(Adele glances at her moon manual.)
Stinkfist says, "Adele, there is a thoom in tha village you died near that you would find interestin"
Adele ponders, "ah hah."
(Adele picks up a promising piece of rubble.)
(Tsune holds his selenite crystal to the obelisk)
(Praetorius licks the obelisk.)
Praetorius ponders, "Tastes better than Haricot's cooking..."

Stinkfist yells, "fighters and wubs on pew pew duty" (there may be an interruption in the report at this point)

Adele says, "The power 'round here is busted."
Adele says, "I'm tryin' ta turn the lights on."
Whirl wind says, "You seem to be an expert"
Adele says, "Oh good, I try to seem that way."
(Whirl wind smiles)
Harper asks, "You can tell because the pillar is broken Adele?"
Harper asks, "can it be fixed?"
Adele says, "Well.."
Adele says, "I can probably patch it up."Adele says, "Doubt it'll hold long."
Adele says, "A few days at most."
Harper exclaims, "That would be excellent!"
Whirl wind asks, "How would we make it permanent?"

Stinkfist says, "mystical and smart folks, assist adele"
(Adele chips at the obelisk.)
(Adele watches a chunk of the obelisk fall to the ground.)
Adele says, "Uhh, we didn't need that part."
Whirl wind asks, "Or how could we do it ourselves for the other obelisks?"
(Lov'sya grins.)

(Adele shoves her piece of rubble into the new hole.)
Adele says, "That should do it..."
(Adele stares.)
(Adele grumbles.)
(Adele smacks the obelisk.)
(Adele smacks the obelisk. Hard.)
 Mirabel asks, "maybe it needs a burst or something?"
Stinkfist says, "oh"
Adele exclaims, "There we go!"
 Whirl wind asks, "Is there anything we can do to assist Adele?"
(Harper taps the obelisk gently)
Adele exclaims, "Get yer hands off it!"
Adele exclaims, "You'll ruin the whole thing!"
(Harper snatched her hands back)
Adele says, "oh wait, wait, this is perfect."
Adele says, "Leave the dead one."
Stinkfist asks, "which dead one?" (unfortunately the attention of a number of our group, including me left us with quite a few dead ones to choose from).
Adele exclaims, "Oh all of them!"
Mirabel asks, "wait, why?"
(Daimoth agrees with Adele)

Stinkfist says, "Adele, i have some Org essence stored"

Adele says, "So that stick of yours."
Harper asks, "Yes Adele?"
Adele says, "Try to "reanimate" this one."

Harper asks, "Which one?"
Adele says, "I think that's what Arkham called it."
(Adele points at Whirl wind.)
You equip your mercurial staff.
Naferu ponders, "indulstone?"
Whirl wind is no longer fallen.
Stinkfist shows Darkstone to everyone.
Stinkfist asks, "with this?"
Adele asks, "Did it work?"
Tsune shows his selenite crystal to everyone.
(Adele stares.)
Stinkfist says, "i think someone wub'd her"
Harper asks, "Reanimating Whirl wind?"
(Adele pokes and prods Whirl wind.)
Whirl wind exclaims, "uh hey!"
D'Ead says, "She's always been animated"
Adele says, "I think you just animated her."
(Miraculously Whirl wind is now on her feet, looking like an undine)
(Stinkfist looks at the pillar)
(Stinkfist looks at his bloodblade containing org essence)
(Harper looks at the pillar)
Whirl wind says, "Well, my body is unbroken again."
Mirabel says, "it looked pretty sudden and all"
Adele says, "We've got to find another test subject."
PureHero says, "dark stones do that sometimes"
Whirl wind exclaims, "Please dont zombify me!"
Raul asks, "can we just use whirl again?"
Adele says, "Well it didn't work on her."
Mirabel says, "somebody fall"
Whirl wind ponders, "Im beginning to rethink my choice of allies."
(Stinkfist casually flicks some org essence on the pillar)
Whirl wind asks, "Maybe a healer or a fighter?"
Whirl wind says, "different energies."
Ebony asks, "What would happen if the subject just appeared to be fallen?"
Adele says, "Arkham has been doing some experiments with his healing stick."
Mirabel says, "we need someone to fall"
PureHero says, "a fighter not someone"
Adele says, "Managed to bring Buk back from the dead, instantly! A little wurmier than usual..."
Whirl wind asks, "Buk?"
Harper asks, "Instantly?"
Harper says, "that would be ... excellent"
Adele says, "Yeah Buk, he's the smart one."

Naferu says, "the lump of rubble"
Naferu says, "hole"
Naferu asks, "can fit charged ore?"

Adele exclaims, "Oh look, a volunteer!"

Ebony says, "one fallen on deman"

Lov'sya thinks to you, "I'm getting a read on Buk. Holy crap"

PureHero says, "one fighter and one healer"

Whirl wind ponders, "Nothing like shifting priorities like killing our friends for science."

Adele says, "See if you can't "reanimate" one of these."

Adele shows her asklepian staff to Mirabel.
Mirabel shows her asklepian staff to Adele.

Adele says, "I think any of these sticks should work."

Adele says, "But it's worth a try."
Tsune asks, "burst stinky with asklepian staff?"
Harper asks, "Try it?"
Adele says, "Arkham just said he focused on "reanimating" and then touched the test subject."
Whirl wind thinks to you, "maybe its a command?"

(Adele frowns in frustration.)
Adele exclaims, "Well I'm stumped!"
Adele says, "This field work is exhausting."

Whirl wind asks, "Where is Arkham?"
Adele says, "Oh I don't know. Probably bossing Buk around"
Adele says, "Or dead. Who knows."
(Whirl wind smiles)
Adele says, "I don't care, frankly. Sent me out here alone."

Mephisto says, "if you care to keep it for study, you may"
Adele says, "Why, how generous of you."
(I examine Ebony and find •Ebony’s injuries were serious.)

Using Coldy’s suggestion /use /reanimate results in the following message “• You prepare a re-animating burst.”
Only to discover • You do not have it in you to re-animate Ebony.
Harper exclaims, "oh!"
This is the way!
• You temporarily re-animate Ebony's corpse.
Ebony exclaims, "Brains!! I want brains!" (She looks undine)

Adele exclaims, "My goodness!"
Harper says, "I think that worked"
Ebony says, "yum"
Harper says, "sort of" with a grimace as Ebony’s flesh falls off.
Praetorius says, "LOL"Praetorius says, "hahahaha"
(Harper winces)
Ebony says, "munch"
Stinkfist says, "oh lord it worked"
Adele exclaims, "It worked!"
Mirabel exclaims, "!"
Stinkfist is no longer fallen.
25 seconds later, Ebony falls again with no one attacking!  The message?  • Ebony has fallen to the inevitable.
(Adele jumps up and down)
Whirl wind says, "Uhm."
Mirabel says, "oh my .."
Adele says, "Oh..."
Tsune asks, "how did that happen?"
Stinkfist says, "powaaaa"

/use /reanimate … • You prepare a re-animating burst.
Ebony is no longer fallen.
Mirabel says, "that was a reanimation if I've ever seen one"
Whirl wind says, "Most likely."

Mirabel asks, "what is Buk's profession?"
Whirl wind asks, "Are you talking about Bukwyrm?"
Adele says, "He'd say he is a "Seeker of Truth""

Adele says, "Well... mostly. Close enough, I'm calling this a win for team Adele."
Mirabel says, "I just... charged it"
(Stinkfist is suddenly raised by Mirabel’s touch!)
Ebony says, "my, that was quite the craving"
Stinkfist says, "yar"
Stinkfist has fallen to the inevitable.

Whirl wind asks, "Wait what happened Mira?"
Mephisto ponders, "...necromancing exiles?"
• Stinkfist is too hurt to re-animate.
(Mirabel frowns at the asklepian)
Stinkfist is no longer fallen.
Whirl wind says, "Uhm."
Mirabel says, "yes, there it is"
Stinkfist says, "bwahahaha"
Harper says, "ah"

Adele says, "I'm not sure how long I can keep it going. It should work a few more days."
(Stinkfist grins)

Harper says, "We need someone who can instruct us I think"
Mirabel thinks to you, "/use /reanimate"
Whirl wind ponders, "Im a little concerned."

Adele says, "The machines break fast, but it's been getting easier and easier to get going for some reason."
Stinkfist has fallen to the inevitable.
Mirabel says, "ok, so just think about reanimation"
Daimoth says, "So they have X seconds of life"

• You temporarily re-animate Ebony's corpse.
Ebony is no longer fallen.
Ebony says, "aha"

Whirl wind asks, "Is it possible to repair the machines?”
Adele says, "Oh you can repair anything."
Mirabel says, "and charge it"

Adele says, "Lots of those creepy dead guys popping up lately too."
Whirl wind asks, "Where?"
Adele says, "Everywhere, but especially around our dig site."

Daimoth asks, "Are they as fallen as before or more fallen?"
(good question Daimoth … they are fallen worse)

Mirabel asks, "is it only temorary?"
Ebony has fallen to the inevitable.
Mirabel says, "I believe it is"
Mirabel says, "hah"
Mirabel says, "so horus matters"
Mirabel ponders, "I am going to love this"
Harper says, "So Horus makes a difference"

Stinkfist asks, "where is your dig site?"
Whirl wind says, "Wheres your dig site, Id like to know where we would need to keep our guard up"
Adele says, "Buk says that we've "dug too deeply" and "disturbed terrors unknown""
Stinkfist says, "sounds like gnome mines"
Whirl wind asks, "What were you digging for?"
Adele says, "Quite a dramatic thoom."
Adele says, "Machines to tinker with, of course."
Adele exclaims, "This island is full of them!"
Whirl wind asks, "ancient machinery?"
Adele exclaims, "We were heading to the Eastern Continents, but what luck we had!"
Adele says, "It's pretty old, that's for sure."

Whirl wind asks, "Do you know anything about triangular script?"
Adele says, "Well, not much."
Adele says, "We've got the numbers figured out."
Adele says, "And you can go pretty far with numbers"
Adele says, "But the rest is a mystery."
Whirl wind says, "Harper and I are studying them."
Stinkfist says, "thats roughly what we have figured out"
(Whirl wind nods)
Adele says, "This is the only book I've found with the script in it, and it's mostly faded."
Whirl wind asks, "The manual?"
(Adele nods.)
Whirl wind asks, "But you can read it?"
Adele says, "It had some formulas I could use to get this damned thing working, but that's about it."

Whirl wind asks, "But only numbers?"
(Adele nods.)
Adele says, "The rest seems to be on these strange powered pedestals and the like. Most of them are broken."
Adele says, "Maybe as we fix the machinery they'll become active again..."
Adele asks, "But how can we fix the machinery without instructions?"
(Adele sighs.)
Adele says, "We'll figure it out. We've got time on this island."

Adele says, "Death seems to be something of a play thing."
Adele says, "no temples, no."

You gave signed good karma to Adele, HUGS! Thank you so much.

Mirabel says, "Adele you are my hero... this is amazing"

Adele says, "We found a room full of unstable machinery we've been fixing up, but it's fairly dangerous. Wouldn't trust you near it yet."

Mirabel asks, "Adele, do you know whether this ability of the staff will dissapate with time?"
Adele says, "Hard to say."
Adele says, "It has in the past."
Mirabel asks, "oh?"
Adele says, "We've had it working a few times now, but it always fades."
Adele exclaims, "The good news is, it's lasting longer and longer!"
(Mirabel smiles)
Stinkfist says, "oh we have experience with things like that actually"

Adele says, "Or, if you listen to Buk, that's an "ominous sign""
Adele says, "And a "portent of the coming evil""
Harper asks, "Buk?"
Harper asks, "Adele are you talking about Bukwyrm?"
Adele asks, "Why yes, how do you know his name?"
(Lov'sya smiles.)
"My friend Lov'sya wanted to know"
Harper says, "but he cannot speak"
Adele says, "Well that's a little creepy."
D'Ead says, "he can speak, just not in the usual way"
Adele says, "But to each his own"
Harper ponders, "which part?"
(Praetorius chuckles)
(Lov'sya grins.)

Whirl wind says, "Well we know of a flying island that has both triangular script and a charging station."

Whirl wind says, "Im not sure reanimating the dead in a darkstone kind of way is...good necessarily."
Adele says, "My advice. Use it as much as possible. We can only learn more about it that way."
Harper says, "Adele, you are a dwarf after my own heart"
Mirabel asks, "is this tied to these pillars?"

Adele asks, "So, you folks from that village to the west, eh?"
Mirabel says, "I don't believe any amount of healing will prevent the inevitable death of the reanimated person"

Lov'sya thinks to you, "I have a location on Bukwyrm."

Harper says, "Adele, in the room below these obelisks"
Harper says, "One of the tables there is broken"
Harper says, "like the obelisk here"

Adele says, "We listen to you on the sun charged stones."

Whirl wind says, "We met a lovely thoom named Azarnoom."
Adele says, "Noisy lot. But full of useful information."
Whirl wind says, "Aye we are a tad."

(Adele takes one last reading of the obelisk.)

Adele says, "I might mosey with you back to your camp..."

Mirabel exclaims, "please do!"

Whirl wind yells, "Adele is along for the ride"

PureHero yells, "adele is going back to village with us"

Adele ponders, "illusion!"
Adele ponders, "What nonsense."
Whirl wind says, "There are illusions around here"
Adele says, "Illusions and evil portents and dark spirits, yes yes."
Whirl wind says, "There are powerful illusions around here, unfortunately we may not have the training assembled to break them."

Mirabel says, "so this is incredibly useful, but also has its drawbacks"
Harper says, "This is a truly important discovery"
Stinkfist says, "yar"
D'Ead says, "I haven't seen the useful part yet :P"
Adele says, "Make sure to name it after me."
Mirabel says, "we'll name it anything you like if it sticks around"

Daimoth says, "Its utility lies solely in group-wiping situations"

Harper says, "Adele we may know more than the numbers"
Harper says, "of the cipher"
Adele asks, "Oh yes?"
Harper says, "aye"
Whirl wind says, "Possibly."
Harper says, "We know a key word"
Adele says, "Buk would love to hear about that.."
Harper says, "then we must speak with him"

Mirabel says, "Adele, you are my hero"
Mirabel says, "keep up your good work"


It was worth it!