About Us

UNLJ is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish an annual publication of legal scholarship, in form of a journal. Student-editors make all editorial and organizational decisions, including soliciting for articles.

The journal is designed to be an effective research and information tool for practicing lawyers and students of the law, with articles being written by various top scholars including professors of law, judges, and legal practitioners, as well as other players in the legal field.

All articles are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance and tone. This review is carried out by University of Nairobi faculty members under the guidance of the organization’s patron, Dr. Attiya Waris, one of the faculty's brilliant minds.

Plans and Goals

The editorial board has future plans of publishing a new journal parallel to its original predecessor, solely containing articles and writings by students. These articles will be competitively solicited.

The publication will give students an opportunity to develop their own editing and writing skills, and will mainly contain articles, essays, book reviews, and case analyses on recent cases, legislation, and contemporary legal issues. This project is still at the deliberation stage.

The board also intends on introducing periodical Q&A sessions with some of the authors of the main journal, giving students an opportunity to learn more on the context of the articles, as well as on the authors themselves and their fields of expertise.

The organization has the ultimate goal of being the most competitive and resourceful University Law Journal in the region.