CNC machining

To run the software, click the link above.

The software imports STL file format. It then calculated the rough and final cuts, and generated a G-code file for a ball-end router bit on a standard 3-axis CNC vertical milling machine. The software has been extended to automatically cut the upper and lower sorfaces from a single block by flipping it over.





The second machine is a XYZ Machines ProtoTRAK SMX 3500 with a working volume of 770mm x 500mm x 420mm.

Dr Jerome J. Leary
School of Computing Engineering and Maths
University of Brighton
Feb 2014
Any CNC vertical milling machine can be used providing the working dimensions are sufficient and the machine controller is able to input G-code files. The University of Brighton has two such machines. The first machine (shown on the left below) is a Kryle VMC700M with a maximum working volume of 700mm x 450mm x 400mm.