About Galgotia

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it", said Winston Churchill. We agree.
Welcome to the world of Galgotia University.
The word ‘university’ originated from the Latin word ‘universus’, which means whole or entire. Simply put, a university is a place where a student is bestowed with complete knowledge of the subject he or she is pursuing.
But education, like everything else in the world, has evolved over centuries. Today, it is no longer about just garnering theoretical knowledge. It is also about practical application of that knowledge in the real world. That is exactly the kind of approach Galgotia University takes. They blend intense theoretical sessions with absolutely practical applications. It is what gives students a complete perspective of every issue, and hence an edge in today’s competitive scenario.
They aim to see this university rise to one of the finest in world and that’s why they are rather particular and rigorous about the way they pick their students because the students are the soul of a university. As, they are the representatives of an institution in the world outside the confines of the campus. That is why they pick the best from all walks of life and make them even better!
At Galgotia University, all programs are known for its emphasis on critical thinking and teaching-learning culture. The intensity that the discussions generate carries the momentum over to canteens, hostels and the other areas of the campus. It is great to see the youth today open up, give up inhibitions, and stand up for what they believe in. It is encouraging to see their level of understanding of issues. It is this understanding that Galgotia harness and hone. After all, at Galgotia, they understand that these are the people who will become leaders in society. That’s why GU wants their experience with them to remain indelible, and bring out the best in them.
Do visit at this world-class campus in Greater Noida sometime, to see for yourself, how they mold the torchbearers of tomorrow.