About Us

Welcome to the University Eagles Badminton Club website!

Eagles is a social and competitive club for graduates, staff and associates of the University of Southampton. We play with feather shuttles and play both mixed and level doubles.

As a predominantly social club, we welcome players of all levels, however you will need your own racket and understand the rules of badminton.

We have 4 courts on Mondays and Tuesdays from 19.00 to 22.00, where competitive play is scheduled for the Monday. Court times will vary during university examination and holiday periods, to see the availability of court times, please check the calendar.

The Eagles membership fee is paid annually (covering October-September). This year, the fee is only £85. If you are planning to join after Christmas or Easter, the fee is typically reduced (please ask if joining partway through the year).

The first session two sessions are free, so come give us a try! Please email us beforehand (university.eagles.southampton@gmail.com) so we know to expect you.

Please note: Any Eagles fees do not include the use of the Jubilee Sports Centre, please see here for more details. Membership to Badminton England in including in the club membership fee. A big thank you to Mr Michael Hockey for taking and allowing us to use his photos on this site. Permission to use photographic material on this site is at the discretion of Mr Michael Hockey, contactable through University Eagles Badminton Club.