Paper Topics for Future Classes

1. University art museums in Canada

2. Comparative study of art rental programs

3. On the importance of not judging a museum by its website

4.  Trends of university art museums in the Americas and Europe

5.  Museum ethics in the university art museum setting

6.  Museum studies and the university art museum:  a look into the overall curriculum offered to undergraduates seeking degrees in these fields.

7. The glass flower collection at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago

9. Highlight, contrast and compare special institutes that focus on photography or textiles for example.

10. University Sculpture Gardens, programs, MAP!!!

11. On the importance of reading rooms with periodicals for students in university art museums

12. Trends: West Coast and East Coast

13. International listings of university art museums

14. Longwood paper on the autonomy of the university art museum

15. Ceramics collections in university art museums

16. Plaster cast collections at university art museums

17. The sale of MICA
s George A. Lucas Collection to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

18. The special status of the Sterling and Francine Art Institute.