Press Release & Invitation

In the Spring of 2011, a collaborative class on university art museums and galleries in Virginia was offered at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Working together, students built a website which had two aims: to create a directory of university art museums and galleries in Virginia and to collect and make available all the key resources on the subject. The website is now complete and we would like to invite the whole world to visit.

University art museums and galleries exist almost everywhere. That said, there are more of them, in more places, in America, than anywhere else. Which makes them, arguably, an American phenomenon. And yet they are woefully understudied, overlooked, and under-celebrated. Our website seeks to change all that, starting with Virginia.

Highlights include: national directories, illustrated profiles, bibliographies, maps, & some fantastic interviews with leaders in the community, including one with former director of the Muscarelle, Glenn Lowry.

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Victoria H.F. Scott & Class

University Art Museums & Galleries in Virginia

Richmond, Virginia Summer 2011