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Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
, Armory Gallery

Entrance to the Armory Gallery
Located in historic Blacksburg, Virginia, the Armory Gallery at Virginia Tech houses the School of the Arts office and classrooms, in addition to the gallery.  The architecture and natural light provide visitors with a space to spark conversation. Boasting a 1,700 square foot mezzanine, this unique architectural feature opens up the space even more, allowing ample room for visitors to congregate and immerse themselves in exhibitions from regionally and nationally known artists.  The classrooms within the gallery, dedicated to Foundations and Drawing, offer students the valuable opportunity to learn and work in the same space as the gallery’s artwork. 
In addition to the Armory Gallery, Virginia Tech is also home to two additional galleries, the Experiential Gallery for Creative Technologies and the XYZ Gallery. Community and university resources available at the Experiential Gallery provide the public and students alike the opportunity for exploration in technology and digital arts.  The XYZ Gallery is a space designated for the exhibition of student and local artists’ work, as well as housing the Student Art Association. The School of the Arts works to maintain a connection with the School of Education to further the growth and success of the Armory Gallery.

Armory Gallery
Experiential Gallery

Perspective Gallery