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Lynchburg College, Daura Gallery

 The Daura Gallery is located in the Dillard Fine Arts center at Lynchburg College. It is open Monday through Friday, nine to four and one Sunday a month from one to four.  The Gallery was named for the artist Pierra Daura and his wife, and the gallery houses his and her paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. His biography can be found online. Their most recent acquisitions to the collection include a John E. Moon montage, a Melissa Polhamus watercolor, an Epps Perrow oil painting, and three Pierre Daura oil paintings.
            The collection began when the Art department chair Donald Evens used a small fund to purchase original prints as a teaching aid, and since then the collection has grown exponentially. The Gallery works close with its facility and students as a learning tool. They offer interactive docent tours and encourage volunteers to work closely with the art.  They hold lectures such as Select Sunday held monthly.  They give a chance for teachers and students to show their work and sometimes take them into their permanent collection. They have rotating works of art, and have an explicit materials warning on their website so they show a very non censured flexibility can take place with in the gallery. They held at least 12 exhibitions this year alone.  So it is safe to say that the gallery is always changing and there are always new sights to be had at each visit.

                                                                      Interior of Daura Gallery

The Daura’s Collection mission is moving, short and to the point. They strive to better the community by offering learning opportunities, leisurely pleasure, and a chance to get ones own work shown. I also like the fact that Gallery states on their web site that the works of art are not up for sale, unless stated so by the original artist. They make money by hosting fundraisers, and having a loyal Daura Society, and a fair portion of the College’s income goes to growing the Gallery. All in all this is an impressively run Gallery for a relatively small school, and in many ways a role model.

    Daura Self Portrait: Picture by Lynchburg Insider

Rachel Jones

Daura Gallery