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Radford University Art Museum


Gallery 205

The Corinna de la Burdé Sculpture Court

Located near Roanoke, in Radford, Virginia, the Radford University Art Museum is comprised of several different galleries throughout its sprawling campus. Such sites include the Radford University Art Museum at the Covington Center, Gallery 205, the Flossie Martin Gallery, the Corrine de la Burdé Sculpture Court, as well as the Muse Hall and Tyler Hall satellite galleries. Muse Hall and Tyler Hall also feature student and/or local artists, while the larger galleries host more elaborate exhibitions. Altogether the museum at the Covington Center offers 2000 square feet of space.
           The  Radford University Art Museum’s permanent collection includes over 1,200 works of art, with over 200 student works. It also boasts the largest collections of works (70) by New York artist Dorothy Gillespie, over 280 works on paper by Adolf Dean, 60 Huichol yarn paintings, and around 250 works of art from famed art dealer Betty Parsons’ New York Estate. Selections from the permanent collection are typically exhibited during the summer months in the Flossie Martin Gallery.
            Radford University’s Art Museum website is a little confusing and slightly difficult to navigate. It doesn’t offer a lot of information about how the museum came into being. However, their links to present and past exhibitions they’ve held is extensive. The Radford University Art Museum is a wonderful example that the best museums can be found in the most unlikely places.

Amy Shumaker & Amanda Sorrell

Works from the Permanent Collection


Radford University Art Museum