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Washington and Lee University, Staniar Gallery

Stanier Gallery, located in Lexington, was opened in 2006 thanks to a generous contribution by Washington and Lee alumnus Burt Stanier. It is located in Wilson Hall in the Lenfest Center, also home to the art, music, and theater departments. The gallery is dedicated to the display of modern and historical works of art in all mediums by locally, regionally, and internationally known artists.
        The 1,300 square foot gallery space is located on the second floor of state-of-the-art Wilson Hall, and boasts a contemporary chrome and glass interior. The gallery is flanked by a three-story atrium and a modern glass façade, and accessible by either stairs or a sloping wooden ramp.The gallery works in partnership with the Art Department, and provides plenty of opportunities for student instruction. Graduating studio art majors present their senior thesis projects in the gallery each year. Artists who exhibit in the Stanier Gallery also spend time in the Art Department, hosting lectures and working closely with students.


Installation at the Staniar : by Bob Trotman 

            The gallery also hosts the Art Department’s Visiting Artist program, in which scholars and artists participate in a dialogue with the university community. The program deals with issues in contemporary art, art history, studio art and curatorial issues through workshops, lectures, critiques, and interdisciplinary programming. The mentorship of students in art and art history fields is a critical and special component of the Stanier Gallery.

            Exhibitions are extremely varied: mixed media, photo, film, and even wax are commonly used. It also exhibits the work of a wide range of artists, from professors at the University, to Cuban or Vietnamese painters. The gallery’s online page is accessible through a link on the Art Department’s main website. The page is easy to navigate, showing a brief summary of the gallery’s mission as well as links to previous and current exhibitions.

Camila Ruiz

Stanier Gallery