Instructions for Writing a Profile

Always start with a quote! A forceful one sentence description is the hook!

The profile or snapshot is basically a summary of the information on the website combined with your own observations culled from field trips and interviews with staff on site or over the phone. You need to read what is available and put it in your own words. You should treat the exercise like you are reviewing a movie. You want to focus on content and presentation. There should be at least three images (with informative captions please!), placed in logical order throughout. One establishing shot of the outside of the museum, one interior, so the reader can get a sense of the space, and finally, a close-up of a signature art work in the collection.
Start with images culled from the websites, or the internet but ideally you will use your own photographs. And if that is not possible send an email to the gallery/museum and put in a request. If the museum has a distinctive feature, for example, if its strength is a focus on contemporary art, at least one of the images should reflect that in some way. Issues you might want to cover and questions you might want to answer include:
  • Location
  • History
  • Is there a permanent collection?
  • If so, what are the strengths of its collection?
  • Any special characteristics and/or historical that make it different from other UAMGS
  • Architecture
  • Website
  • Educational programming
Ideally you will visit the site and take pictures, but this is not required. It should be written in a light and chatty narrative style (your audience will be both the public and interested scholars - so it has to be accessible but sophisticated) with endnotes. We will start with images culled from the websites, but hopefully will be able to replace them with our own photographs by the end of the term.

At the end of your entry add your name, and a link to the art museum/and or gallery in question.

Again 300 words, DOUBLE SPACED, with ENDNOTES, in Chicago Style.