Benchmark dates

Museum & Gallery Visits

Jan 26 Visit the Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University

Feb 16 Visit the Muscarelle Museum, The College of William & Mary

March 23 Harnett Museum of Art, University of Richmond

March 30 Maier Musem, Randolph College

April 6
Longwood Center For the Visual Arts, Longwood University

April 20 University of Virgina Museum Field Trip.

April 27 Last Class
please hand in tab/list of contributions

May 10 FINAL DEADLINE for edits and any other changes.

May 15 And…we’re on air.

May 18 Hampton Art Museum

DATE TBA Awards Ceremony

Assignment Due Dates

Feb 2: 500 word museum dossier due

BY Feb 4 5pm: Summary of John Coolidge,
The University Art Museum in America article

BY Feb 25 5pm: Summary of Bonnie Pittman,
Excellence and Equity: Education and the Public Dimension of Museums article

March 2: Research Bibliography due (10 sources)
         Powerpoint presentation on paper topic (approx. 5 minutes)
         Museum Profile #2 due (300-400 words)

March 9: First version of papers due

BY April 1 5pm
Summary of Jeffrey Abt, “The Origins of the Public Museum article, in your textbook.

April 6
Final version of papers due, hard copies in class

April 13: Class meeting and discussion of Raymond Geuss Museums- available on website.

BY April 15 5pm: Summaries of
Raymond Geuss Museums due by 5pm.

April 23 Summary of Victor J. Danilov, “A Campus Museum,” “A Historical Overview,” University and College Museums, Galleries and Related Facilities: A Descriptive Directory. Greenwood Press, 1996. Up on Blackboard by 5 pm.

April 27 Last Class
please hand in tab/list of contributions
I would like to use this class to take care of any unfinished business, and also assess the class and get your take on how it can be improved.

May 10: Final deadline for any final edits/changes, to *ALL* websites: read over EVERYTHING, your and your colleagues contributions, fact check dates & spelling, go over captions and images.

May 15: Website launch

Date TBA: Celebration & Awards Ceremony