Project: University Art Museums and Galleries in Virginia, America, & the World

This website features a complete directory of university art museums and galleries in Virginia, along with basic and more comprehensive information on each institution. We created detailed illustrated profiles with capsule descriptions, highlighting the strengths and essential characteristics of each museum and gallery. With the addition of a bibliography, useful websites, and a collection of articles, we hope to make researching these museums easy and accessible. We encourage you to visit them, support them, and to friend them on Facebook.
            One of the offshoots of the class was the realization of the need for an institution and/or association entrusted with the protection and advancement of these unique museums and galleries. Accordingly, in our mission statement,
The Zeitgeist of the University Art Museum has Arrived! we explain and make a call for the establishment of an International Association of University Art Museums and Galleries (If you are interested in this project please friend the IAUAMG on Facebook).
            Under the heading
Student Essays & Interviews you will find more in-depth papers on various aspects of university art museums and galleries in Virginia and elsewhere, and also a series of interviews with leaders in the museum world, locally and internationally. They address a variety of subjects such as educational programming, architecture, collection development, administrative styles, social media, museum ethics, and the philosophy of museums. Taken all together, it is the purpose of this project to demonstrate the significance of the university art museum and gallery, to provide a better definition of their roles in the Virginia university system, the nation, and around the world.
        Finally, we have also created a lightly moderated Google group listserv, just for Virginia, in order to encourage further discussion in the local museum community. You can join the group here.


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