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Old Dominion University, The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries

“We are warmly open to the community and are available for their questions and we aim to engage them - gallery curator Ramona Austin

Entrance to the Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries, Image via Tymoff + Moss Architects
The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries of Old Dominion University are located in Norfolk, Virginia. Found on the east side of the Old Dominion University college campus, the Baron and Ellin Gordon Galleries consist of a permanent collection as well as an exhibition space for contemporary artists.

  Permanent collection, image via Tymoff + Moss architects

                The permanent collection, donated by Baron and Ellin Gordon, consists of works by over 70 self-taught folk artists from the 20 and 21st centuries. This 2007 donation remains the largest received by the University. The 375 piece permanent collection includes paintings, sculptures and carvings. The gallery’s shows exhibit the permanent collection of self-taught art alongside works on loan from other institutions. Exhibitions focus on showcasing the self-taught art of many American artists as well as the relation of self-taught art to contemporary art. The collection includes pieces by Inez Nathaniel Walker, Leroy Archuleta, Israel Litwak, Miles Carpenter, Thornton Dial, Howard Finster, Geneva Beavers, and Mose Tolliver. The galleries are staffed by a team of four. 

Main Gallery Floor, image via Tymoff + Moss Architects

            There is also a second gallery on the premises, which holds nine rotating exhibitions a year. It focuses on works by contemporary artists, including those of national repute. In addition to holding shows, the galleries host lectures and seminars, classes, guided tours and special programs. Many of the lectures and seminars are hosted by well-known or self-taught artists.  

Camila Ruiz & Jessie Schwetke

The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries