76 universities that help Rush Limbaugh spread global warming denial.

Rush Limbaugh was recently named the Climate Change Misinformer of the Year by Media Matters.

Of 120 top ranked football programs, 71, or approximately 59% broadcast on Limbaugh stations. Some broadcast on more than one Limbaugh station and accounted for 170 of Limbaugh's approximately 600 stations, or 28%. 15 of last year's final 16 NCAA tournament basketball teams (except BYU) broadcast on Limbaugh stations.

The urgency of climate change makes it imperative that our institutions of higher learning take their mission statements more seriously and act now to dissociate themselves from those radio stations.

The Limbaugh stations they broadcast athletics on are licensed to operate in the public interest but instead form part of a nationally coordinated radio megaphone for global warming denial. It attacks educators and scientists and distorts their work.  It undoes the efforts of millions of concerned citizens.

Universities that broadcast on those radio stations endorse them. They attract local and national advertisers.

Limbaugh sets the tone for more than 1100 talk radio stations and their national and local talkers. It is estimated that he reaches 14 million Americans per week and all together they reach approximately 50 million Americans per week. The total number of radio stations that depend on university athletics and continue to deny global warming is significant.

Many of the 120 universities and colleges that are not associated with Limbaugh stations broadcast on other talk radio stations headlining national talkers such as Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, etc. With few exceptions they parrot the same talking points and support programming and guests supplied by the big-energy think tanks. Most use call screeners to exclude challenges to their 'facts' and give priority to paid callers. There is little or no opportunity for real-time exchange.

The talk radio megaphone will continue to intimidate and attack politicians, media, educators, and scientists. It prevents Republican politicians from acting on our greatest national security threat and makes political cooperation on climate change practically impossible.

Some universities will argue that broadcasting on the loudest stations in their state is more profitable and that is what counts. Those universities and colleges might want to reread their mission statements and study the programming that dominates that radio station. Or rewrite their mission statements.

Below the list is a sample petition that can be adapted.

In the first list the number after the team is the number of Limbaugh stations that university team broadcasts on. The links take you to the university's main page, where you can find contact numbers and mission statements. The third column links directly to sample mission statements. A few teams not on the top 120 football teams are listed.

The top 120 list came from CBSSports.com 120. They were referenced at TuneIn by team name to identify the radio stations they broadcast on.


Air Force
Alabama 2
Arizona St. 2
Arkansas 3
Boise St.
Boston College
Bowling Green
East Carolina 2
Florida St. 2
Fresno St.
Georgia 4
Georgia Tech 3
Idaho 3
Illinois 9
Indiana 2
Iowa 5
Iowa St.
Kansas St. 3
Kentucky 3
Michigan 3
Michigan St. 7
Mississippi 3
Mississippi St. 2
Missouri 7
Nebraska 5
New Mexico
New Mexico St.
North Carolina 8
Notre Dame 4
Ohio St. 6
Oklahoma 2
Oklahoma St.
Oral Roberts
Oregon 2
Oregon St. 4
Penn St. 6
Purdue 4
Seton Hall
South Carolina 2
South Florida 2
Southern Miss
Syracuse 5
Tennessee 4
Texas 3
Texas A&M
Texas Tech 3
Utah St.
Virginia Tech 4
Washington 5
Washington St. 2
Wichita St.
Wisconsin 2


United States Air Force Academy

University of Alabama

Arizona State University

University of Arkansas

United States Army War College

Auburn University

Baylor University

Boise State University

Boston College

Bowling Green State University

Clemson University

University of Colorado–Boulder

University of Connecticut

University of Dayton

East Carolina University

University of Florida

Florida State University

California State University–Fresno

University of Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Idaho

University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

Indiana University–Bloomington

University of Iowa

Iowa State University

University of Kansas

Kansas State University

University of Kentucky

University of Louisiana–Monroe

University of Louisville

Louisiana State University

University of Maryland–College Park

University of Memphis

University of Michigan

Michigan State University

University of Minnesota–Duluth

University of Mississippi

Mississippi State University

University of Missouri

University of Nebraska–Omaha

University of Nevada–Reno

University of New Mexico

New Mexico State University

University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

Ohio State University

University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University

Oral Roberts University

University of Oregon

Oregon State University

Pennsylvania State University

University of Pittsburgh

Purdue University

Seton Hall University

University of South Carolina

University of South Florida

University of Southern Mississippi

Syracuse University

Texas Christian University

Temple University

University of Tennessee

University of Texas–Austin

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech University

Troy University

University of Central Florida

University of California–Los Angeles

Utah State University

University of Virginia

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State 


University of Washington

Washington State University

Wichita State University

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Xavier University