In The Presence - Inter-spiritual chants Kirtan-style offered periodically.

Note: We have recently received requests from local religious organizations to hold an Inter-Spiritual Kirtan at their location. If this is something you feel would benefit your organization, please email us at to discuss this further.

, also known as sankirtan, is call-and-response chanting. The roots of kirtan go back over 500 years to Renaissance India. During this period the influence and style of kirtan became the focal point for the upsurge in religious expression in India This joyful mood quickly spread throughout India, where today kirtan is accepted as one of the surest paths to enlightenment.
The singing is accompanied by the ancient musical raga tradition with a rhythmic drumming style that transports the chanters to profound spiritual realms. It has been likened to modern American Gospel music, and in its heartfelt expression it compares to profound states of deep meditation.
Our Inter-Spiritual Kirtans began on January 1, 2011. Our first Kirtan included Sanskrit, Hebrew, Native American, and Christian chants and songs and was held at the Universalus Community office with about 35 individuals in attendance. 
This beautiful candle-lit ceremony was the highlight of New Years day. We continue the Kirtans periodically.
To read more about Kirtans click HERE 
Namaste, Peace, and Shalom
The Universalus Community