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posted by Daniel Landis

Rev Dan's Talk is the 4th in the K.I.S.S. series, "Another look at the Law of Mind".

Words from Rev Dan - August 28, 2016

posted Aug 29, 2016, 2:36 PM by Aggie Mitchkoski

I want to acknowledge someone who means a lot to me. Couple weeks ago we acknowledged Myrtle Fillmore and her birthday. This past week, "Papa Charlie" as he was called at Unity Village had a birthday on the 22nd. I thought it would be nice if we remember Charles Fillmore because he was an amazing man. If you ever get in to his work you will see he was so far ahead of his time, even a hundred and something years ago. An amazing man of prayer. When you look at what he did. He would go to bed around 9 or 10pm and sleep until 1am and wake up and pray between 1 and 6 am when the world was quiet. And then he'd go back to bed and sleep until about 9am and then go about his day.If you look at his metaphysical dictionary you will see all the names and places he took into meditation, and as he called it, he'd go to headquarters to get a revealing word about them. All this from his meditation. Pretty amazing connection and I just love what he brought to the world 100 and some years ago...both of them did, Myrtly and Charles. There were only 2 things they did, believe in the power of prayer and sign a covenant that says they'd say "Yes." That's it. And a hundred and twenty five years later, look at what's happened around the world. Over 2 million connections with Silent Unity, this year alone. Look at the impact they had, two people who said, "Yes." 

There's no need to struggle. If you're having some struggles, write them down and send them in to Silent Unity. I've talked about Baby Jack who's been part of Jacqueline's and my life. He's now eight months old. Miracle baby. He shouldn't still be around. But he has had Silent Unity praying for him every week of his life, thanks to Jacqueline. Eight months and this kid is crawling and getting into mischief. Power of prayer.

I want to share something today that's profound and has a lesson in it for all of us. One day a week ago I did a global webinar. I want to share about one lady from Colorado. Tuesday morning she sent me an email asking for the worksheets from the webinar and I sent them to her. Wednesday morning I got an email from her. She said, "Dan I have to tell you the profound effect that's happened. My mother and I have been estranged for years because of my father's will." I don't know all the details but it was an ugly story. She said, "On Wednesday I always go to an early yoga class and then go to work. But I decided I was going to stay home and do the Forgiveness Worksheet." This is the same forgiveness work I've shared here before. She did the work. She said, "I've gone to all kinds of therapy, all kinds of religious/spiritual things but the first time in my life I got forgiveness of my mother." She felt the "click." That's what I call it. You just know it's forgiven. Your whole being knows. She said, "I was late for work but I knew I had to listen to what's happening." She picked up the phone and called her mother for the first time in I don't know how many years. Talked for an hour and a half. Her mother's 92. And she said, "Not only was this forgiveness for me, but we forgave each other. And before we got off the phone  we said to each other, "I love you." She heard her mother say to her, "I love you." First time in years, maybe even ever, I don't know. And that was profound enough for me. Things happen and we get spiritual intuition to do things, and if we don't listen, we miss it. 

I asked Jacqueline a question this week. If we miss it, does it come back? Or does it take a long time. I don't know the answer to that. But on Thursday, I got another email very early. She said, "After my phone call with my mother i got a phone call from my sister. My mother had fallen in No Carolina. Hit her head, she's on coumadin. Doctors are saying it's life threatening. Would you pray for me and my family." I said of course.

The following morning I got another email from her that her mother had transitioned. None of that would have happened if I hadn't of said "Yes" to something that was very uncomfortable for me to do. I didn't know what this webinar was. I got on it but I didn't have a clue what to do. There was no instructions. But I said, "Yes." And more importantly, she said "Yes." And she listened to her intuition. Even though it ran against normal inclinations. Those voices in our heads that say, "You better get to work on time." "You better get to your yoga class." She said "I'm going to do what I'm being led to do. It's more important than getting to work on time."

On Friday morning I got another email that said she'd been thinking about all of this. She said she realized that when she forgave her mother, she had freed her mother to go on to her next highest and best way. None of that would have happened if I had missed saying "Yes" and none of that would have happened if she hadn't said "Yes."

My opportunities to say "Yes" are no more important than yours. You are getting opportunities to say "Yes" all week long. Listen to them. And do them. Because you never know. This woman had no idea if she would ever have this closure with her mother. There was the possibility that her mother's soul could have gone on never being complete with her daughter. There's such amazing things that came out of saying "Yes." 

The lesson for all of us is that no one's opportunities to say "yes" is more important than any other person's but we have to listen. We have to hear them and then we have to act on them. Pay attention to what's coming to you. It's coming to all of us, not just to Dan. Not just to this woman in Colorado. God speaks to every one He created. All 7.4 billion of us. Everyone is hearing from the Divine but only a few are listening. And even fewer, I believe, act. 

August 28th

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:30 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski   [ updated Aug 25, 2016, 3:41 PM ]

Please join us Sunday, Aug 28th at 10 am.

Rev Dan's Talk is the 3rd in the K.I.S.S series, "Another look at Prayer"

Why aren't my prayers being answered?

August 7, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:29 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

It was an amazing energy here this Saturday at our UPV Tag Sale. I told Lois Bascom today, we've talked a lot about "me to we." Well, I watched "me to we" happen during this event, from the planning, to the set up, in the process yesterday and the take down. It was incredible energy here. Some people from the community felt it and they commented about what it felt like. What an incredible opportunity for us all to come together. And on top of that, we did something else...we made money. And that's always good.

All of you I think have heard this before, prayer is important to us. Please use Silent Unity to submit your prayer requests where they will be prayed over for the next 30 days, 24/7.

Yesterday was Myrtle Fillmore's birthday. Isn't it interesting she chose to die on the same day as she was born, the 6th. Six was a very important number. 

I want to share a very personal story. I got to the Unity Village in May this year for the first time. I got there on a Friday night about 6:30 when everything was closed down and locked up. The only thing open on the whole campus was the Peace Chapel which is open 24/7. There are six chairs and this incredible mural with purple and blues and golden letters....Peace, be still... and I sat down there and I heard a voice. The voice said, "You need to go to the Fillmore Chapel."  So I got up and looked around and found the Fillmore Chapel. Now the entire building is locked down. So I went around a corner and there was a door that someone had forgotten, opened just a crack. I said to myself, "Well, I guess I'll go in." I went in and the whole building was dark. I found the chapel and it was very dark in there. There were no lights. I walked to the front and sat down. On the stage, were two chairs. One was where Myrtle would sit to teach and the other was where Charles Fillmore would sit and teach. This was a little spooky. I was the only human being around. I just began to pray and meditate. All of sudden I felt this presence. It was Myrtle in her chair. She began a conversation with me that was the most profound thing that I have heard or experienced. I still get goosebumps when I talk about it. We had this conversation and it was current. She talked about what was happening here and what's happening in the movement. And Charles joined us a little later on and he says, "Would you like me to pray?" and I said, "Oh yes."

We had this amazing time and I was thinking about this. Why did this happen? Now we've been talking about the building blocks of belief. It only happened because I don't believe in death. I believe in eternal life. And I believe that we transition to Spirit. Myrtle and Charles are eternal, just like you and I are. And they showed up. I had the most incredible conversation with the two of them that has been profound for me ever since. When I saw it was her birthday, I just had to share her picture and this story.

July 24, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:27 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

I went into the doctor on Monday for a follow up on the surgery I had on my neck. He removed the drain, which was only after three or four days. He could have removed it the day following surgery because I never had the cc's he was looking for. He looked at me and looked at my scar and he said, I've never seen anyone heal so quickly." 

And I looked at him and said, "Well, you know Doc, it doesn't surprise me."  

"Why?" he said. 

I asked, "You want to know what happened?" 

He said, "Yeh. I do."  

I said "It's the power of prayer," and he looked at me very ...now remember I talking to a scientist. the "Doctor." 

He looks at me and says, "I don't think I know a lot about that." 

I said< "Well when you align yourself with the scientific success formula that jesus gave us 2000 years, prayer always happens." 

"How in the world can prayer always happen?"

I said, "Let me ask you a question. Does gravity always happen?"

He goes, "Yeh pretty much."So the laws we are talking about spiritually are not different than the physical laws. "Ok... I think I'd like to know something about that."

"I tell you what," I said,"Thursday night in Greenfield, I'm teaching the prayer class. Why don't you come?" i got one of those "Yeh i'll be there..." 

Well we didn't wait for him and he didn't show up. But we had an awesome prayer class. I told the prayer class we all walk around life like Johnny Appleseed. We have seeds in our pockets and one side is seeds that enhance life, grow life and the other pocket we have seeds that are detrimental to life. And so I look at it this way, I planted some seeds for the Doc. Who knows how they'll grow. And at the very end, he said, "Oh by the way, I got back the pathology report back and it was benign."

"i'm not surprised," was my response. So that was my event on Monday with the Doc. It was a wonderful experience and all is good and I still have no pain. Thank You God!

July 10, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:26 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

It is so good for Jacqueline and I to be back. Two weeks was a long time. We had a great vacation ready to go, looking forward to friends and family back in Asheville in North Carolina but our four-legged got very, very sick. We found out two days before we were to leave that she was diabetic and we needed to begin to give her insulin shots twice a day plus change her food. We looked at each other and said, "You know, this doesn't make sense to try to get to a new normal in a hotel 14 - 15 hours away. We didn't know if there would be any problems with the vet so instead of a VA-cation, we had a STAY-cation. We stayed home. Jacqueline and I have never done this. It was awesome! It was fantastic! We would have spent two days down two days back...four days out of our vacation traveling. Here, we had all this time. The other day Jacqueline said to me, "How many books did you read?" and I said, "Well, the piles about that big." I had a series of books from Judge Thomas Troward, who I consider the grandfather of New Thought. I had the time to really dig into this really, really deep stuff. So it was fantastic. Kiwi is getting stabilized. You know she's the one who ran the Universe around our house. She'd be looking at us saying, "What are you doing changing my food? Giving me shots?" But we're getting there after two and a half weeks. 

I got to thinking about the fact that we received an opportunity when that happened two days before we left. An opportunity to really crack this idea of being the Thinker and not the Thought. Because we could have spent two weeks sad and upset that we didn't get to do something that we'd been looking forward to for the past nine months. But we chose something different. We chose to make it something fantastic. And we really did. The vet said make sure you don't get her out too much in the heat and humidity so we did late afternoon trips, we went up north to the border of New York and Vermont. Just amazing places around here! One afternoon, no on there, Jacqueline and I were shooting hoops in Conway.  The only place in America they still leave their basketballs out. You walk into the park and there's a whole line of basketballs and tennis rackets just waiting for someone to have fun. 

So we turned situation into something that was really a lot of fun. I never had two weeks to do nothing! It was really fantastic! I have a feeling STAY-cations may become a part of our plans going forward. But we are thrilled to be be back!

June 19, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:25 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

I don't know about you, but this week brought up a lot of things for me. Pretty powerful week in a lot of ways when we look at what happened in this country. And I was really spending a lot of time in prayer and meditation on what even to say about it. Probably the most horrific single event in our history. We spent a lot of time in our Tuesday More Abundant Life class, in fact we spent the whole Tuesday class talking about Orlando. It was pretty amazing to see all of us working through the emotions and asking ourselves the question, "What is ours to do?". As we hold ourselves to the igher bar of being a lightworker in consciousness in the world, we're asked to do things differently than many, many people do. 

I was so taken  by some of the interviews of people who have a belief system that death really does occur and there's no hope.  I watched the agony of people who thought that's the end of these people.

So as I was in a process of writing something about this I saw the whole world come together around this whole issue and respond in many, many different ways. But in the process of writing I realized that what I was doing was so insignificant in comparison to what I received. So instead of writing something I want to share this with you   This came from the Association of Global New Thought. Reverend Petra Wells, who is the spiritual director in Dallas wrote and published it. And I want to share it with you because it sums up a lightbearer's response to this event better than I could have ever done.

"In the face of the shooting of gays in Orlando and on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the shooting of blacks in Charleston, once again, we are faced with the reality – fear and hate OR love and inclusion.

Today, as we grieve, feeling the sorrow of loss and the bewilderment of repeated history, and the anger of “it’s finally enough!” we ask ourselves questions to which we simply don’t know the answers.

We can say it’s not the guns, and we can say it’s not the religions, we can say it’s not the politics, and we can say it’s not race, but we can NOT say it’s not the climate of hate and fear that continues to be built in our country and around the world.  Ancient fear of the other, fear of the different, is embedded in our cultural, religious and political systems in the US, and around the world, continuing to be used today to create hate, violence, and separation.

Yet every day we are coming closer together, more globally connected, seeing that no matter where you live, how you worship, or who you love, the basic needs and wants of every human being are the same. Peace, love, connection, family and work, creative contribution, fair compensation, opportunity, care for the elderly and those less fortunate, and a desire to pray in the manner that most aligns with our inner being. We are not so different after all.

Today I stand for LOVE and INCLUSIVITY, recognizing the divine spark within each and every human being. I refuse to allow fear and hate drive me to hate and fear in return. I stand with those in religion and politics, in journalism and sports, at home and in the work place who refuse to cower from fear or give in to hate. I do not support any extremism in politics, religion, or cultural status quo that overtly or covertly supports, promotes or allows hatred and violence against another human being. In this I stand, and I shall not be moved.

Let us meet hate with inclusivity and fear with love in our rhetoric, our actions, and in our prayers. Today I pray and I affirm that each person who loses their life to hatred and violence, whether gay or straight, man or women, no matter the color of skin or their religion of practice, is a beacon of light, a harbinger of hope, a power and a force for a change in consciousness and a change of heart that will not be denied. Each life lost is a candle added to the light of Truth, that we are all one human family, all under ONE divine authority, living on one beautiful planet that we share, together.

May love prevail in the hearts and minds of preachers, politicians and leaders – as well as those individuals who have lost sight of the LOVE that is another name for GOD. May they be awakened to the consequences of their ideas, and the actions their ideas inspire. May the recognition that we – loving, truth-seeking, spiritual people – will NOT be swayed from our course of human rights and decency for all, the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that our Declaration of Independence demands and that we claim for each and every human being. No matter what the difference, Love is spoken here."

Let's take a moment of silence, and no matter how you address the Divine, send out your love. Love is the only thing that will ever conquer hate.

June 12, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:24 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

I try to start out each Sunday with some applied principles that show up in life because they show up for all of us, even if sometimes they go by and you're not aware of them. Jacqueline and I were having a conversation about a week ago and we were trying to do random acts of kindness. Randomly...just doing them. And we realized that sometimes you don't get back any appreciation or gratitude...and what is that all about. We were having this conversation and I said, "Well that's really not our job. Our job is to continue to be kind and put it out there and what comes back, comes back." So yesterday we were headed to Northfield Mountain, which is where we love to take our 4-legged daughter to run in the meadow. Kiwi Grace loves to be loose. We stopped in Turners to get some beverages and Jacqueline ran in to get them. When she came out with a really funny look on her face. I said, "What's up?" She said, "Well, it certainly didn't cost me what I thought it would." I said, "What happened?" She said, " A lady came in earlier on Saturday morning and paid a bunch of money to Cumberland Farms and said 'Whoever shows up, buy all their beverages until the money runs out.'"

Random acts of kindness. It showed up for us out of nowhere. There it was. We looked at each other in gratitude. "Thank you God." What a lesson in abundance. This woman's faith, that she was doing the right thing and no one would ever know. We have no idea who she was but we know what it was like to be blessed.

Couple of years ago, Jacqueline was in a grocery store and she was about to pay for her groceries and the man behind her said, "I'm paying for her groceries." Jacqueline reacted like most of us would and said, "You don't need to do that." He said, "Of course I do, I want to.What I've learned is the more that I give, the more that I get. I can't give it all away." This man goes out and randomly buy people's groceries for no reason. Random acts of kindness show up.

One of the things I shared in Tuesday's Abundant Living Class is that we have the power to do random acts of kindness spiritually. It's great to have money, have all those things but when you show up spiritually? The practice I shared is that when you encounter someone, especially if they are upsetting to you, say to yourself, "I see the God presence in you and I know you see the God presence in me." I do that all over town, everywhere I go. It's my new spiritual practice. It is amazing to see what happens. And I look for the grumpiest, most downtrodden people, they are the ones I'm looking for. And God can work miracles. They have no idea what happens. I say to myself, "I see the God presence in you and I know you see the God presence in me." and we stand in that Light. It'a great way to practice Oneness. It is a random act of kindness...no one knows...and watch what happens to your day.

June 5, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:24 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

Unity is all about walking our talk. For those of you who may not know, I usually use the first 5 minutes or so of my time here to share how Unity principles play out in our everyday lives...my everyday life. So, the political situation is everywhere, isn't it? Seems no matter where I turn, there it is. I knew I had some work to do when I started talking back to the TV. This is the first time I've gone through a political event and been a spiritual leader of a group like this. And knowing that what you put out, you get back (we're a boomerang universe, right?) if what I wanted was peace, I had to get a handle on this. 

I contacted my spiritual mentor and asked how she handled these situations and she shared something that I'd like to bring to Greenfield. The suggestion was that on the day of the Republican convention, the Democratic convention and on election day, a 1 hour vigil is held to hold everyone involved in the love of God, in peace and love. How many of you would be interested in doing something like that? (lots of hands went up). Great! We'll connect with the Interfaith Council and invite all the spiritual groups of the area to join in. 

My beloved Jacqueline found a wonderful quote around this and it is "My religion is love and my political view is oneness." As many of you know I am doing alot of work with the Association for Global New Thought. This October, for Oneness day which had 580,000 people signed up last year, we're hoping to hit a million around the globe and that's going to occur in between the scheduling of these prayer vigils. Everything coming together around Oneness. So that's were we're headed between now and November and I'd love your support. 

April 10, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:23 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

You know we've been talking about many things since January 1st, which we called the Holy Shift And one of the things we've been talking about is saying "Yes!" "Yes" to life ,"Yes" when life shows up because we know that's where joy is. 

I want to share this story about how "Yes" showed up in my life. A couple of Sundays ago a young lady came up to me and said she does a radio show and she'd love to do an interview with me. I said ok.. I said "Yes." It wasn't something that I was very comfortable with but I said I'd give it a try and see what happens. So we got together and we did the interview and it was a wonderful 2 hours.

Then this week, maybe 10 days later, I got an invitation from the Association for Global New Thought to submit a proposal to be considered as one of 12 people who are going to be picked out from all around the world to provide a webinar this coming summer. And the first thought I had was, "I said Yes to the radio interview and not 10 days later God, the universe, Divine Source created an opportunity! See what happens when we say "Yes." We don't know what's going to show up. I had no idea ...I mean not even in my wildest dreams!

But I want to share with you the next thought. See if this ever occurs to you.  My next thought was..."Why even bother?" At last year's program of Oneness there was 524,000 people from around the globe who submitted a proposal. "Out of 524,000 people they're only going to select 12 people, don't waste your time... yada yada" It went on and on. The critic..right? 

And so I had to take our other lesson we learned from not too long ago and remember that I am the thinker, not the thought. Right? So I had a choice in that moment, which thought was I going to serve? The one that says "Yes" and things are happening or the one that says "Don't even try."

Anyone else have that last kind of voice? Here's how I talk to that voice and I'm not too nice...I say "Look buckeroo, you have a choice today and here's your choice. One, you can become a cheerleader and join in with the "Yes" or the other choice is you can go to time out and you don't get to speak again on this subject." I may be making this sound pretty light but I'm really not. Because if we don't do that work, if we don't master our own thoughts then we are not the captain, the master of our ship, of our destiny, of our universe, of our life. We have to come from that place of I AM the thinker, not the thought. You're going to find any time in life, I have found, there are two sides. One that says "Yes" or one that wants lack and limits the good that's coming to you. Each and every one of you has had one or many "Yes" opportunities and every one has had that conversation. Some of you may not be conscious of it. Start listening because you're going to start hearing that Buckeroo trying to stop you from moving into your good. You can call it what you want, Buckeroo just happens to be mine. But give it a name and identify it, and take control of it because you are the Thinker, you are not your thoughts. We have to begin to make that determination and walk in that power and take control.

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