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posted Sep 27, 2016, 8:14 AM by Daniel Landis

Rev Dan's Talk - "Masters of Disguise - Shame & Guilt II"
We can be free of toxic shame.

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posted Sep 20, 2016, 6:54 AM by Daniel Landis

Rev Dan's Talk - "Masters of Disguise - Shame & Guilt"

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posted Sep 13, 2016, 6:50 AM by Daniel Landis   [ updated Sep 20, 2016, 6:59 AM ]

Rev Dan's Talk - the last of the K.I.S.S series, "What is yours to do?"

Rev Dan's Words - September 4, 2016

posted Sep 10, 2016, 9:38 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

This is happy Labor Day!  The last Sunday of the summer.

Before I get started ,I just want to recognize an amazing lady. Faith Kindness. The last 30 days she's had two surgeries and she's up here doing celebration leader! I told her today, this morning, what we've been talking about, becoming masters of our mind, she’s been living it. I had to laugh this morning. A lot of people would've had the second surgery and thought it was such a big deal. She said, “Dan, you know what the funniest part of this whole month was? After going through both of those surgeries, this week I got the most upset because I couldn't get my telephone system to work.” I said we get lessons from all over. You never know where they're coming from. Thank you Faith, for being such an example for all of us.

I wanted to share a personal story today. Our four-legged daughter, Kiwi Grace was part of Jacqueline’s life for 4 years before I met her. If you know anything about dogs, a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix is pretty intense. Kiwi Grace is only willing to except a couple of people into her life. In the beginning there was only one and it took me a while to get included, a long while. Well when we were getting ready to head out on vacation, Kiwi Grace was getting so sick, I had to carry her up and down the stairs. When we took her to the vet, they said she was diabetic and we would have to begin to give her two shots a day of insulin. For a dog who doesn't like people to touch her at all (unless she wants to be touched) this got to be a bit of chaos. We had this most peaceful home that became chaos. You’d be amazed how quickly 12 hours came around. An hour, maybe an hour and half before it was time to do the shot, we started looking at each other. Jacqueline, as time came close, started to hyperventilate. As we got closer to the time we’d look at each other and Kiwi Grace is watching us to see if we're making a move to go to get the shot. I don't care what anyone says, that dog knows when it was time. So we were getting to the place where our wonderful peaceful pleasant home was in chaos. 

So finally I said to Jacqueline, maybe we’ve got to practice what I preach and pray about this. We prayed and it got worse. I think we were in alignment with last Sunday’s message and we were praying amiss. Finally one day I sat down and since there is the Divine within me and the Divine within Jacqueline and the Divine within Kiwi Grace, we need to ask the Divine to talk to Kiwi Grace. That this is for her, to help her. It’s peaceful. We’re not trying to hurt her because she’s never been hurt like this. It didn’t happen overnight. Slowly, things began to change. It’s amazing. This morning Kiwi Grace just jumped up on the love seat where we give her the shot. Not a bark, not even a whimper. She just knows it’s for her best now. 

I thought, the Divine, God is in the details. So many times we think we can do it ourselves. I thought we could do it ourselves. But when we got to the point where we were so frustrated, we asked. Why did we wait that long? I mean, we should have started there, right? One thing I’ve learned is we all are incomplete. Including me. We’re on this journey. We forget these things sometimes. 

Don’t forget! In the minute details to connect to the Divine from within. It’s all wisdom. I didn’t know how to talk to Kiwi. Jacqueline didn’t know how to. But something is happening and out of all of this, we have our peaceful home back. As you go through this week, look for those places in your life where your emotional GPS, for me it’s my gut, tells you you’re stewed up, stirred up. That’s when you can just  take the time, to say, “Wait a minute.” Connect with your inner wisdom and ask for guidance. It worked for us with this most intense thing. We now have a new normal. All there of us are getting along fine. Kiwi Grace ran up and down North Field Mountain twice this week so she’s doing great.

Don’t forget it’s in the minute details Just ask. Remember what we heard last week. Our job is to ask. Jacqueline and I forgot to ask. The second piece of that is, believe it’s going to happen. When we finally got to the point where we could believe that something could happen, we receive it. So we got to get ourselves in alignment with the way the rules are laid out. 

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posted Sep 6, 2016, 10:54 AM by Daniel Landis

This Sunday, UPV is combining their Sunday Service with a Potluck Picnic.
It will be held at Bascom's home in Shelburne Falls.
There will be NO service at 43 Silver Street.

Please join us Sunday, Sep 4th at 10 am

posted Aug 30, 2016, 10:04 AM by Daniel Landis

Rev Dan's Talk is the 4th in the K.I.S.S. series, "Another look at the Law of Mind".

Words from Rev Dan - August 28, 2016

posted Aug 29, 2016, 2:36 PM by Aggie Mitchkoski

I want to acknowledge someone who means a lot to me. Couple weeks ago we acknowledged Myrtle Fillmore and her birthday. This past week, "Papa Charlie" as he was called at Unity Village had a birthday on the 22nd. I thought it would be nice if we remember Charles Fillmore because he was an amazing man. If you ever get in to his work you will see he was so far ahead of his time, even a hundred and something years ago. An amazing man of prayer. When you look at what he did. He would go to bed around 9 or 10pm and sleep until 1am and wake up and pray between 1 and 6 am when the world was quiet. And then he'd go back to bed and sleep until about 9am and then go about his day.If you look at his metaphysical dictionary you will see all the names and places he took into meditation, and as he called it, he'd go to headquarters to get a revealing word about them. All this from his meditation. Pretty amazing connection and I just love what he brought to the world 100 and some years ago...both of them did, Myrtly and Charles. There were only 2 things they did, believe in the power of prayer and sign a covenant that says they'd say "Yes." That's it. And a hundred and twenty five years later, look at what's happened around the world. Over 2 million connections with Silent Unity, this year alone. Look at the impact they had, two people who said, "Yes." 

There's no need to struggle. If you're having some struggles, write them down and send them in to Silent Unity. I've talked about Baby Jack who's been part of Jacqueline's and my life. He's now eight months old. Miracle baby. He shouldn't still be around. But he has had Silent Unity praying for him every week of his life, thanks to Jacqueline. Eight months and this kid is crawling and getting into mischief. Power of prayer.

I want to share something today that's profound and has a lesson in it for all of us. One day a week ago I did a global webinar. I want to share about one lady from Colorado. Tuesday morning she sent me an email asking for the worksheets from the webinar and I sent them to her. Wednesday morning I got an email from her. She said, "Dan I have to tell you the profound effect that's happened. My mother and I have been estranged for years because of my father's will." I don't know all the details but it was an ugly story. She said, "On Wednesday I always go to an early yoga class and then go to work. But I decided I was going to stay home and do the Forgiveness Worksheet." This is the same forgiveness work I've shared here before. She did the work. She said, "I've gone to all kinds of therapy, all kinds of religious/spiritual things but the first time in my life I got forgiveness of my mother." She felt the "click." That's what I call it. You just know it's forgiven. Your whole being knows. She said, "I was late for work but I knew I had to listen to what's happening." She picked up the phone and called her mother for the first time in I don't know how many years. Talked for an hour and a half. Her mother's 92. And she said, "Not only was this forgiveness for me, but we forgave each other. And before we got off the phone  we said to each other, "I love you." She heard her mother say to her, "I love you." First time in years, maybe even ever, I don't know. And that was profound enough for me. Things happen and we get spiritual intuition to do things, and if we don't listen, we miss it. 

I asked Jacqueline a question this week. If we miss it, does it come back? Or does it take a long time. I don't know the answer to that. But on Thursday, I got another email very early. She said, "After my phone call with my mother i got a phone call from my sister. My mother had fallen in No Carolina. Hit her head, she's on coumadin. Doctors are saying it's life threatening. Would you pray for me and my family." I said of course.

The following morning I got another email from her that her mother had transitioned. None of that would have happened if I hadn't of said "Yes" to something that was very uncomfortable for me to do. I didn't know what this webinar was. I got on it but I didn't have a clue what to do. There was no instructions. But I said, "Yes." And more importantly, she said "Yes." And she listened to her intuition. Even though it ran against normal inclinations. Those voices in our heads that say, "You better get to work on time." "You better get to your yoga class." She said "I'm going to do what I'm being led to do. It's more important than getting to work on time."

On Friday morning I got another email that said she'd been thinking about all of this. She said she realized that when she forgave her mother, she had freed her mother to go on to her next highest and best way. None of that would have happened if I had missed saying "Yes" and none of that would have happened if she hadn't said "Yes."

My opportunities to say "Yes" are no more important than yours. You are getting opportunities to say "Yes" all week long. Listen to them. And do them. Because you never know. This woman had no idea if she would ever have this closure with her mother. There was the possibility that her mother's soul could have gone on never being complete with her daughter. There's such amazing things that came out of saying "Yes." 

The lesson for all of us is that no one's opportunities to say "yes" is more important than any other person's but we have to listen. We have to hear them and then we have to act on them. Pay attention to what's coming to you. It's coming to all of us, not just to Dan. Not just to this woman in Colorado. God speaks to every one He created. All 7.4 billion of us. Everyone is hearing from the Divine but only a few are listening. And even fewer, I believe, act. 

August 28th

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:30 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski   [ updated Aug 25, 2016, 3:41 PM ]

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Rev Dan's Talk is the 3rd in the K.I.S.S series, "Another look at Prayer"

Why aren't my prayers being answered?

August 7, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 9:29 AM by Aggie Mitchkoski

It was an amazing energy here this Saturday at our UPV Tag Sale. I told Lois Bascom today, we've talked a lot about "me to we." Well, I watched "me to we" happen during this event, from the planning, to the set up, in the process yesterday and the take down. It was incredible energy here. Some people from the community felt it and they commented about what it felt like. What an incredible opportunity for us all to come together. And on top of that, we did something else...we made money. And that's always good.

All of you I think have heard this before, prayer is important to us. Please use Silent Unity to submit your prayer requests where they will be prayed over for the next 30 days, 24/7.

Yesterday was Myrtle Fillmore's birthday. Isn't it interesting she chose to die on the same day as she was born, the 6th. Six was a very important number. 

I want to share a very personal story. I got to the Unity Village in May this year for the first time. I got there on a Friday night about 6:30 when everything was closed down and locked up. The only thing open on the whole campus was the Peace Chapel which is open 24/7. There are six chairs and this incredible mural with purple and blues and golden letters....Peace, be still... and I sat down there and I heard a voice. The voice said, "You need to go to the Fillmore Chapel."  So I got up and looked around and found the Fillmore Chapel. Now the entire building is locked down. So I went around a corner and there was a door that someone had forgotten, opened just a crack. I said to myself, "Well, I guess I'll go in." I went in and the whole building was dark. I found the chapel and it was very dark in there. There were no lights. I walked to the front and sat down. On the stage, were two chairs. One was where Myrtle would sit to teach and the other was where Charles Fillmore would sit and teach. This was a little spooky. I was the only human being around. I just began to pray and meditate. All of sudden I felt this presence. It was Myrtle in her chair. She began a conversation with me that was the most profound thing that I have heard or experienced. I still get goosebumps when I talk about it. We had this conversation and it was current. She talked about what was happening here and what's happening in the movement. And Charles joined us a little later on and he says, "Would you like me to pray?" and I said, "Oh yes."

We had this amazing time and I was thinking about this. Why did this happen? Now we've been talking about the building blocks of belief. It only happened because I don't believe in death. I believe in eternal life. And I believe that we transition to Spirit. Myrtle and Charles are eternal, just like you and I are. And they showed up. I had the most incredible conversation with the two of them that has been profound for me ever since. When I saw it was her birthday, I just had to share her picture and this story.

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