How to find a unit rate

How can I find a unit rate?

When you are finding your unit rate, you want to set up a proportion.

Your proportion should look like the following:

Amount of money     =     ____x_____
Number of units                      1

This will tell us the price of one unit after you cross multiply and divide.

Here is an example:

At Shaw's, I can buy 3 pounds of apples for $ 6.63. 

Setting up my proportion:

$6.63   =   __x__
  3LB             1

When I cross multiply, I get :

3x = 1 X 6.63
3x = 6.63

I divide both sides by 3 to find x.

3x = 6.63
 3        3

x = 2.21

This tells us that apples are $2.21 per pound.  That is our unit rate.

Take this information to find the unit rates for broccoli by clicking the link below:

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