ROLE OF A PROPERTY MANAGER                            

We know that each Condominium is unique, just like the owners who make up the Corporation. We pride ourselves in offering flexible service, but each Condominium Board must set what they expect of their professional Property Manager. It is important both the Corporation and Management Company are in agreement with services required and services available, to provide a complimentary balance and build on the professional relationship. The following is a brief description of what we consider the role of a Property Manager to be:

  • Advisor regarding creation and sufficiency of budgets
  • Advisor to Board of Directors on capital cost projects
  • Advisor to Board of Directors on all aspects of site management
  • Liaison with Engineers, Trades, Legal Counsel, City Planners & Insurance Brokers
  • Facilitate Annual General Meetings for Board & owners/investors
  • Communicator & Mediator – Conflict resolution for owners/investors
  • Administrator for the Corporation’s daily business
  • Supervisor for the hiring, training and overseeing of site maintenance personnel
  • Advisor for the revision & approval of contracts for trades, legal statutes and By-laws