Note: If you have an emergency relating to fire, water or security, please call our main number at 403-258-2141 be prepared to provide the details of the emergency, your full name and phone number and the property address. Please DO NOT report emergencies through email or online.


    I, as a Unit Owner, understand that most in-suite work is not covered by the Condominium Corporation. The Contractor assigned to this work by the Condominium Corporation will invoice the Condominium Corporation directly, and if the work is covered, no further action on my part will be necessary. If, however, this work is not  covered by the Condominium Corporation, and is charged-back to me as a unit owner responsibility, I will accept full responsibility for all costs associated with the work and understand that the invoice will be paid by the Corporation to the contractor directly, and then charged-back to my Condominium Account. 

This undertaking is an indemnity, which is both personal and real, and as such it is binding on me and my estate, and on any subsequent owner of my Unit, and to that end, the board may cause a caveat to be registered against the title to the Unit for any costs associated with the work or recovery of any debt associated with the work.