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Unite for Sight, UCSD chapter's website!

Did you know...

  • 80% of blindness is curable or preventable
  • 36 million people worldwide are needlessly blind
  • Those who are blind in Africa have a 4X higher mortality rate
  • 60-80% of children who become blind die within 1-2 years
  • Blindness in the developing world has a significant effect on families, employment, income, and education.
  • Social stigma related to blind patients is commonplace in many communities in the developing world.
  • Those who are blind are oftentimes considered to be a burden to the family because they are not able to contribute to a family's income.
  • Instead of attending school, children within a family are frequently assigned to the role of the caregiver of blind adults.
  • Unite For Sight not only restores vision, but also empowers patients, families, and communities in the global fight against blindness


There will be food, games, as well as updates on upcoming outreach events and fundraisers.

See you 11/23 at PM  at the Green Table Room, inside Sun God Lounge in Price Center

We will also be having a school outreach event on WEDNESDAY, Nov 24 at 9 AM at the La Jolla Preschool Academy. Rides will be provided, but you must be an official member! 

To become an official chapter volunteer:

Next Monday, Nov 29, we will be having our off-campus fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen (Near Ralph's); we will receive 20% of total purchases to sponsor eye restoring surgeries abroad! BUT, you must present our flyer: email us for a copy or find us on Library Walk.  The fundraiser will be from 11am-10pm. 

Please check out our CALENDAR often for upcoming events and deadlines!

You don't want to miss out!