I made this history document in short sharp sections as I broke all the years down into manageable sized chunks.I wanted it to be interesting but not too heavy on the eye.  I also left it in very good shape so we can add to it, take away from it or whatever is needed to make it more and more accurate.
There is loads of information in there but anyone at all can email me and give me some more information to go in there.  The way I have done you can just take one of the sections and update it, change it and then we put it back in, twice as big, lol.  I have the transcript of the radio conversations between United's plane and air traffic control Munich as thye crash approached.  It's really eerie to read but interesting.
I added quite a lot of photos but didn't have enough room for them all. They can go in as we build it bigger though.  I even have some photos from 1891 !!!    
I hope you enjoy reading this and I also hope you point out to me anything I may have missed off.  You guys who just visit and watch from the outside ... don't be boring, register, come and help us out - say hi, whatever.  Anything you think should be included can be emailed to me:
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the page, each page has ended up with the title of whichever subject just happened to appear at the top.  So I'll make a little table of contents telling everyone what is on each page exactly.
As I expand this history of the club it will become clear why I set it up like it is anyway.  I'm getting confused explaining it, lol.
So come on, get searching for some more tales, anecdotes and anything else you might find, let's get this thing growing.
History Of Manchester United 1878 - Present Day
Table of contents:
Page 1Home (Where you are now)
  • Explanation Of This Site And How It Works
  • Table of contents
Page 2Sitemap
Page 3:  Humble Beginnings - 1878
  • Introduction
  • Early Years (1878 - 1902)
  • Manchester United Is Born
Page 4The First Great United Side
  • The Inter-War Years
  • Old Trafford Is Bombed
  • Matt Busby
  • The Great Post War United Side
Page 5The Busby Babes
  • The Munich Air Disaster
  • The Great 1960s Team
  • The Early 1970s Decline
  • The 1977 FA Cup Win
  • The Dave Sexton Era
Page 6The Dave Sexton Era
  • The Ron Atkinson Era
  • The Alex Ferguson Era
    • FA Cup And Cup Winners Cup Success
    • Nearly, But Not Quite
    • Champions At Last
    • Ooh Aah Cantona
    • The Double
Page 71994 - 1995
    • The Double Double
    • More Success
    • The Treble
    • Into The New Millenium
Page 8The Glazers
    • The Supporters
    • Old Trafford - The Theatre Of Dreams
Page 9All The Managers And All The Club Captains