Basic Membership Information for New Applicants

1-1. Membership in the United States Corps of Chaplains (USCOC) is a privilege reserved for those individuals who promote the objectives, purposes, and missions of the USCOC and who meet the eligibility requirements outlined herein.

1-2.  Requirements for Membership.  All applicants must be approved and accepted by national headquarters. Membership is not extended to those practicing, teaching, encouraging, or otherwise advocating any acts or beliefs contrary to the Christian belief. All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. General:  Possess the desire, willingness, and capability to promote the objectives, purposes, and missions of the USCOC.
  2. Age:  Be at least 18 years of age. You must be 21 to serve as a USCOC Chaplain.
  3. Citizenship:  Be a Christian, and a citizen (or legal resident) of the United States of America.  
  4. Suitability:  Any of the following may be the basis for rejection of membership.
    1. Conviction of a felony by any court of record whether military, federal, state, or local.
    2. A pattern of arrests and/or convictions including but not limited to sex offenses, child abuse, and violence.
    3. Discharge from the armed services under other than honorable conditions.
    4. Falsification of information on the membership application.
    5. Previously terminated from membership in the USCOC.
    6. Any other unfavorable information brought to the attention of USCOC Headquarters.

1-3.  Membership Conditions.  All persons agree by applying for membership to the following conditions of membership:

  1. To comply with all written policies, regulations and directives of the USCOC;
  2. To maintain high ethical and moral values in all dealings, personally and professionally;
  3. To respect each person's difference in religious beliefs as they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit;
  4. To only speak in edifying ways in regards to others, including Christian ministers, ministries, and the Body of Christ at large;
  5. To treat all with whom you come into contact with respect.
1-4.  Basic Membership Rules and Standards.  
  1. The USCOC is a Christian ministry with ordained ministers serving as Chaplains, and laity who follow the tenets of their own faith group while ministering to all. The USCOC does not ordain ministers but appoints as Chaplains those who have been ordained by a Christian church, denomination or ecclesiastical organization.
  2. The USCOC, as an organization, believes the Holy Bible, inspired by God, is a sufficient rule in matters of faith and practice and observes no other written religious creed, statement or declaration made by man in these matters.   
  3. The USCOC is organized in a modified military manner with members assigned rank and duty positions accountable to a chain of command. Assignments are made based upon individual qualifications and the needs of the USCOC. Rank is relevant only to the USCOC and should not be utilized in any other manner.
  4. Respect for rank and proper protocol, especially concerning veterans or active service members, is expected from members at all times.
  5. Members should wear a uniform of black pants, white shirt, black shoes and rank insignia rank when on duty or representing the Corps in an official capacity.
  6. Our primary means of communications is this web site and our proprietary email system.  The posting of orders constitutes proper notice to members. Members should check their assigned USCOC email regularly, a minimum of once every seven (7) days.   
  7. Barring unforeseen difficulties, new member applications will be processed within seven (7) days of receipt. If this is not possible the prospective member will be notified of the issue(s) and be provided an estimated date of completion.
  8. When representing the USCOC, members will not charge for services rendered. Donations are allowable but must not be solicited.
  9. USCOC logos and other materials will not be used without express written permission of the Board of Directors.
      10. Any issues not covered here should be addressed through the chain of command and/or by referring to the USCOC Member Manual.