Our Mission

Mission Overview

Since 1827 the mission of the Mississippi United Methodist Choctaw Mission has been to provide a caring ministry devoted to serving Christ and improving the conditions of life for all persons, especially the "least among us."
Children make up more than half of the over 9,600 people in the Mississippi Choctaw communities. Alcoholism, domestic violence, addictions, a 50% high school dropout rate and teen pregnancy are constant threats to the everyday life of many Choctaw families.  For almost two hundred years, the people called Methodist have been in ministry with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.
This ongoing denominational presence is seen in the witness of the Pushmataha Family Life Center and three small Choctaw congregations: Great Spirit (in the Bogue Chitto community), Green Hill (in the Pearl River Community) and John Memorial (in the Red Water community). Our focus is on families with special emphasis on children and youth. 
Traditional Values in Native Culture
 A Sense of Community
The Importance of Extended Family
The Importance of Elders
Oral-Aural Transmission of Culture
Giving Away
Respect for Creation
Worship and Prayer
(Along with Compassion, Truth, Sacrifice and Love)
 Issues Facing Native People
Dental Health
Violence Against Women
Substance Abuse