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Sensei Zenryo Shimabukuro

Zenryo Shimabukuro Sensei (10th Dan) was the top student of the legendary Chotoku Kyan Sensei. A baker by profession, he was solidly built, and “a powerhouse of a man” was what everyone who knew him would say of him.

After studying Karate-do under his Sensei, he began teaching a small group of students. The lessons were conducted outside his home, and the small group included his son, the young Zenpo Shimabukuro (the present head of the style). In 1962, he built his own dojo and named it Seibukan (meaning “Holy Art School”).

As a human being Zenryo Sensei was well-known in his community, and had received recognition many-a-times from city officials for his work and for his contribution to the betterment of the Okinawan people. In 1964, he received the highest possible rank a Karateka could possibly earn: the Red Belt; i.e. promotion to 10th Dan.

During the American occupation of the island of Okinawa, Zenryo Sensei was persuaded to teach his Karate to American servicemen stationed there. Thus, the spread of Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate-do into the United States.

In 1969, Zenryo Sensei died of appendicitis. Today, his son carries on the Seibukan name and its tradition exactly where his father left off.