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Power Programs Take Center Stage at January Market

At the January Market, you literally won’t be able to miss United Hardware’s assortment of turnkey Power Program displays, as they will be the first thing you see as you enter the Market floor and the last thing you see when you leave. And if you’re like the many United retailers who have already implemented these programs, it won’t take long to become a believer in how they can help you drive both new and repeat customers to your store. 

Over the past year, United has launched four Power Programs, including: Garden Market (which includes both pumpkin sales in the fall and Christmas tree sales before the holidays), Pet Market, Wild Bird Market and the recently launched Backyard Chef program, which was a huge hit at United’s September Expo event.

 While the merchandising elements alone create the excitement necessary to make them stand out on your salesfloor (or in your parking lot), when you couple it with the sales and marketing elements designed to help support your sales efforts year round, it makes even more sense. That’s because United has taken all of the guesswork out of selling these categories for you. Monthly communication tools give you details on how to successfully sell the individual product categories that make up each program. These ongoing communications elements that are included with each Power Program help you plan advertising strategies and in-store events guaranteed to generate excitement at retail.   

Since the launch of the Garden Market program at the January 2008 Market, there have been more than 130 United’s retailers rolled out nearly 250 of these Power Programs. From these numbers alone, it’s apparent that when a retailer tries one out for size, they quickly see the benefits and want more in their store. In fact, retailers who have implemented the Garden Market program alone have expanded their business in this department dramatically. 

One retailer who signed up for the Garden Market program last spring was Michelle Vander Heyden from Koch’s Hardware Hank. “Two weeks into our selling season we sold $5,930 more annuals that we sold all of last season,” which she says has helped them become “first and foremost in customers’ minds for all of their live goods and lawn and garden needs.”

Heth Hardware Hank has implemented both the Wild Bird Market and elements from the Pet Market program, and owner Bob Heth couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “Merchandising touches like the videos with the new products advertised on them reinforce your image that your store is up-to-date.” Based on the success of this program he says, “We’re looking to implement the Backyard Chef program in the near future.”

Rolled out to great reviews at September Expo, the reaction to Backyard Chef was more than expected, as 30 retailers signed up for the program after seeing it for themselves. At the Expo, Weber sales significantly increased from previous year’s figures, which is proof of its potential. Both the merchandising elements combined with a complete signage and décor package make the program stand out on any salesfloor. In addition, where many retailers might merchandise grills and grill accessories in different parts of the store, this new program brings it all together to capitalize on the gross profit dollars associated with grill sales as well as all of the higher-margin, add-on sales opportunities that come from the accessories.


For more information on how you can make any of United’s Power Programs work in your store, stop by the Power Program area the January Market and see the potential for yourself.  

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